Puppy Vaccination at Petsmart's Banfield Hospital

Banfield Pet Hospital located in Petsmart.
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The day we picked up Waffles, the Craigslist seller mentioned on our way out that he already got one shot at Petco. For the well being of our puppy, we decided to check out Petco before going home to check prices and schedule of their travelling vaccination service. The Petco flyer stated the vaccine pacakge specifically for puppies was $60. Without thinking, we decided $60 was worth it and it turned out the vet was on-site that very day, and that we'd need to return for booster shots.

What we didn't know, but was specified in the very small fine print, was the entire package for small dogs would require three additional booster shots. Each visit would require an additional $60. To use, the Petco process was VERY deceptive! The total cost for the vaccination equals $240. When we found out at our first boost shot that each visit required additional payment, we reluctantly paid. We went home and did more research.

After some research, it turns out a much more affordable deal could be found at Petsmart where Banfield Hosptial are available. Unfortunately, we had already made 2 payments at Petco, the deal wasn't quite as sweet. I don't remember the exact price of the Wellness Plan, but it was approximately $350 for a full year. It covers vaccinations, de-worming, spaying/neutering, physical plans twice a year, free check-ups, fecal tests, and free office visits.

To sum it all up, if we originally went with Banfield, we would get the spaying/neutering, pysical exam, and free check-ups for only $150 more. Note that spaying/neutering is considered a surgury and depending on where it's done can be expensive. Given the amount of work required during the puppy's first year, the price of the Wellness Plan pays off. I was quite disappointed with how Petco turned out and will be more cautious before purchasing from Petco. The next time I get a puppy or if anyone ever asks, the first place I would recommend is the Wellness Plan from Banfield.

Note that the Banfield Wellness Plan is not an pet Health Insurance Plan for health related problems. The Wellness Plan only cover routine services such as vaccinations and physicals. If you're looking for an Insurance Plan, you'll have to purchase it from a third party (Banfield does not offer pet health insurance plans).

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