A Durable Dog Toy with a Squeaker can't be Ripped Out?

Maltipoo with KONG Squeezz Dog.
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If you can't resist buying dog toys for your pooch, you'll soon discover that despite how indestructible the toy label claims, your dog is going to eventually destroy it. I quickly learned that stuff dog toys are not only the fastest go get destroyed, but toys with squeakers are not far behind.

Waffles, our maltipoo, loves squeaker toys! He's not a violent with his toys, but can be persistent when he's playing with his toys. He can spend hours chewing at the toy with the sole aim of getting to the source of the squeak. He only loses interest once the squeaker mechanism is destroyed and no longer squeaks. In this case, a small plastic piece detaches from the squeaker that disables the squeaking noise. The second situation is where the squeaker is completely removed from the toy, which at that point needs to be thrown out. But with all the toys we've purchased, which feels like at least one toy per trip to Petsmart, one toy has held up to the damage of our dog: KONG Squeezz Ball.

KONG Squeezz Ball

We purchased this ball only once, but purchased three at once for a better deal on Jet. We only ended up needing one of the toy balls because our dog never destroyed the ball. We ended up giving the other toy balls away to our friends. Here are some of the highlights for the ball.

  • It's made of thick duty plastic
  • The squeaker is part of the toy mold. So unless your dog completely chews up the plastic, the squeaker will always there.
  • The squeaker is much more difficult to squeak and does take a bit of grip strength (when compared to traditional plush squeakers).
  • I don't recommend throwing the ball towards a lamp or window... you might break it (not the toy).
  • It's survived being outside in the rain (no or growth)
  • There are various sizes (small, medium, large, and extra large)
  • There are also various shapes (dumbbell, ball, bone, football, ring, stick). I prefer ball so it can bounce far down the hallway when I'm playing

Let us know if you have experience with the KONG Squeezz Ball. It is possible that the toy works better on some breeds of dogs, but we've had great experience with our Maltese Poodle mix. If you're big on pricing, note that I found this as an add-on item for $2.79 back in December 2016.

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