Our First Night with Maltipoo "Waffles"!

Our Maltese Poodle (Maltipoo) Puppy!
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My wife and I have been searching for about a year of on and off for a dog primarily at the Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA in Burlingame and Humane Society Silicon Valley in Milpitas. We occasionally looked searched listings from Craigslist, but usually found it easier to visit a nearby humane society. While the selection at the Humane society was minimal, limited mostly to various mixes of Chihuahua, we felt that adopting would be the better option, to avoid putting a dog down. A must for our dog was a non-shedding dog, mainly to keep us sane from constant housecleaning.

What ended up happening today was something I would never have suspected. One morning, after playing SimCity BuildIt on my Android phone, I decided to check Craigslist for available listings. What I found post the night before at 11pm was a listing selling three Maltese poodle puppies, for $380. Even if the dog had not received deworming or any shots, the deal was still too good to be true. There were no pictures listed on the Craigslist ad. But I decided to contact the seller, my first email ever to a dog ad on Craigslist. All three dogs were still available and they fit what we were looking for in a puppy.

I decided to bring my Mom along for the ride to San Jose to pick up the dog. One of the dogs had already been purchased, but we loved the other 2 at first sight. We purchased our favorite maltipoo and were well on our way. We decided to stop by Home Goods in Sunnyvale to purchase basic dog gears (at hopefully a discount) like a comfy bed and some water and food bowls. That's when my Mom decided she loved the maltipoo so much we drove back so the maltipoo brothers could live together! We called and immediately headed back to purchase the last maltipoo puppy.

Based on some last minute information from the breeder, we decided to head to Petco in San Mateo to get details on deworming and vaccinations. Of the two times a month that the Vet visits Petco, it was today! Everything was coming together! Both maltipoo puppies got their shots and test containers! We learned that until they were fuly vaccinated and dewormed, they should not leave the house. We're learning a lot about puppies already!

We had dinner together that night so the two maltipoo puppies could spend time play with each other. All in all, I'm excite that we are finally after a couple years searching for dogs to have found a dog! We are ready to figure out what our next steps are to properly care for our newest member of our family!

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