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Our Waffles (3 year old maltipoo) has been very good when it comes to eating. He always eats his dry dog food (mostly Blue Buffalo brand) for breakfast and dinner. Sometimes he gets a random meal with a different protein if we're at a friend's or family's house, and never has an upset stomach.

I always try to buy his dog food in bulk (rather than monthly shipments) to try and save a few bucks, and so I couldn't resist passing up's 2017 Cyber Monday deal for a BOGO on American Journey branded dog food. I did a bit of browsing through the reviews and it looked fair good. To qualify for free shipping, I ordered a total of four 28lb bags of dog food with a sub-total of $120. With the BOGO and auto-ship discount plus tax, the total was $58.70 for a total of 112lbs of dog food (split across 4 bags). For us, finishing dog food before expiration has never been a problem because we know many friends and family with dogs, who we routinely share bags of food.

To my surprise, a day after ordering, I did a bit more research to find that was purchased by on April 18, 2017. And then American Journey was owned by And according to this post on February 27, 2017 (before the Petsmart acquisition) when the member tried contact regarding American Journey:

American Journey is manufactured through a third-party facility so any information such as their name, for example, belongs solely to them. We're unable to share the facility's name due to their independent ownership.'s lack of transparency bothered some people on that particular thread to the point they didn't trust it, but I'm not that picky. In fact, come to think of it, I don't even know where any of the food I eat is manufacturered.

 On the upside, our dogs loves this brand like any other. To be fair, he's never had any problems with the brand of the food. And we have always given him multiple proteins and he doesn't have any issues digesting.,

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