Cleaning up after my pup

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I initially started giving him baths every 2 weeks starting at two months old but ever since we got him professionally groomed, it’s been once every month. I’ve been using Burts Bee Hypoallergenic Shampoo to wash my 6 month old puppy and never really realized its effectiveness until recently.

My maltipoo is an indoors pup and goes out for walks almost every day. He isn’t used to grass so he stays mostly on concrete sidewalks or walks on the road.  I’ve never been too concerned about being meticulous about washing my puppy since he doesn’t walk or play in grass. The bath was more peace of mind for me – knowing that he was “clean”. So recently, my puppy found a new “toy” -  tearing bath mats to threads and eating the little pieces of thread. Because of this, my puppy’s poop sometimes gets stuck. As disgusting as it sounds, pieces of his poop don’t drop to the ground and he ends up smearing it on himself as he tries to get it off.

I’ve been using the shampoo to wash his butt and it’s been great. I wet his butt area with water and apply the shampoo only in that area.  (I don’t want to give him a full bath too often because I hear it’s bad for the fur.)  Initially I was pretty grossed out that I would have to touch the hanging poop and try to pick it out of his fur… but after I rub the shampoo into the poop area, I use the shower head to wash out the shampoo and the poop comes right out. I don’t even have to touch the area and pick out the poop. Even the areas where the poop had smeared in with the fur came out. All in all, the shampoo works very well for cleaning up his poop fur and I am glad the product works out for this reason. I’m sure all shampoo are equally as effective but this just wasn’t something that I expected.

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