Puppy Loves Fetch... But I'm Bored!

Waffles playing fetch inside the house with a tennis ball.
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It's been awhile since I've posted anything about Waffles, but he's been doing great! He's so much bigger now! We try to get him out to the dog park every couple of weeks, but he has the tendency to avoid other dogs and spends most of his time visiting other humans. But one thing Waffles loves to do is play fetch indoors. So much so that it's really become annoying and even at times distracting! Don't get me wrong, I love playing fetch, just not 24x7.

Lucky for me, I have a long hallway that connects the two bedrooms that gives Waffles a long runway for a tennis ball. He can easily play catch for hours at time. And he has no problem bringing the ball back to me (I didn't really have to train him on that one, it just sort of happened).

The easiest way for me to play catch with him is to sit on the ground, so I don't have the bend over to pick up the ball. He'll drop it right by my hand and I can lean over to grab it before throwing it. This is the most efficient way for both Waffle and myself. Once he feels like he has had enough of fetch, he'll chew on the ball instead of bringing it back to me. But sure enough, within 10 minutes, he'll start dropping it at my hand again.

The most difficult part of playing fetch with him for hours on end is when I'm working on my computer. He'll usually start by dropping the tennis ball at my feet. If I don't grab it. He'll pick up the ball, and drop it again. At times, he'll even lift the ball up to my lap, but that is rare. If I have to bend over to pick up the ball every time, it becomes quite tiring (and probably not all that good for my lower back).

What I ultimately need is some sort of automatic thrower. I've found products like iFetch and GoDogGo, but both are easily over $100 and both are not optimal for my situation (indoors). The iFetch uses small balls (smaller than a tennis ball) and the GoDogGo is too powerful, even at its lowest setting (designed for outside). If I find the perfect product, I would without a doubt purchase it for $100, as it can also be used when nobody is home.

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