Start Writing

 Just Write

You shouldn't have to mess with the technical details of installing and maintaining a blog. Instead, you should focus on writing deep and thoughtful articles. And you can write on whatever is on your mind. Some good ideas are:

  • Tips for planning that perfect 10-day European vacation
  • Details on a recipe the whole family loved
  • A review of that new toy you've been waiting wait weeks to arrive
  • Pros and cons of [insert your subject]

If you are aiming big and you want to write a series of similar articles over time, group them into a story so they all link together (think Table of Content)

The ideas to write about are endless!

 How Does It Work?

After publishing your article, your article will be shared amongst the community through various mediums:

  • All your articles are published to your personal page
  • High quality posts will be featured on the main page
  • Your article will be displayed alongside similar posts across our community of articles

 Writing Guidelines

The web is the wild west without a few guidelines. None of these guidelines are set in stone and exceptions may be allowed.

  • Write unique content. Do not copy/paste content from other sites
  • Write in English and don't forget to spell check
  • Write content that is family friendly, safe for readers of any age
  • Write full and complete content. At least 50 word to not be considered spam
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