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I am trying out Edge Beta right now. My major concern is that it has very few extensions. I like Chrome I just wonder why there are so many who are bitterly against Chrome? While I like the independent Firefox it always remains just below Chrome. You did not mention Opera? Lately I have been having a lot more concern with my privacy and Opera makes more attempt than the others to try to help us maintain our privacy. The problem using it is that it is too slow for me. I actually do prefer the background of Facebook on Opera compared to the others. I literally just found out about Brave. So far I have downloaded it I just haven't tried it out yet. I have been hearing many good things about Brave so I am looking forward to using it. About Lass Pass. While I agree that it is the best password manager out there it still has too many glitches. So only a couple of days ago I decided to delete it only a couple of days ago. That's because it doesn't always auto track my new passwords, or when I need to change passwords. And when it wants to create its own passwords and when I need to prove my identity I may not remember or even know what the auto generated password even is. I admit I do not have the greatest memory and Lass Pass doesn't someone like me with a poor memory. I currently have a desk full of sticky notes spread all over my desk with email addresses and passwords. I thought Lass Pass was suppose to replace all those sticky notes?
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