17 secrets you don’t know about women

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A netizen once asked the late famous physicist Hawking: What do you think is the biggest mystery in life?

Hawking replied: "Women."

This is not the first time Hawking has expressed his confusion about women. As early as 2012, in an interview celebrating Professor Hawking's 70th birthday, he admitted that he spent most of the day thinking about women. "They're a complete mystery," he said.

A scientist devoted to studying some of the most profound mysteries of the universe cannot understand women well. In fact, this is not an incredible thing. In the long process of human society, women have been wrapped in layers of fig leaves. Let alone men, even women themselves cannot see their truest selves.

Nowadays, more and more women have made great contributions to various fields of our society. We hope that more people can see women in their truest form and become "new women" in the 21st century who advocate science and pursue gender equality.

01. A woman’s sexual center is the same as a man’s

Men and women are different, but they are more similar. With the development of sexual science, more and more people are aware of a new system - the sexual system. Its definition is: a functional system with the skin and mucous membranes as end organs and the brain as the central organ.

It can be seen from this that sex is not centered on our external sexual organs, especially not on the male penis, but on the brain, an organ that both men and women have as the center. It can also be seen that both men and women are capable and more powerful. Enjoy the beauty of sex.

02. A person with rich sexual experience can also be a “good woman”

Traditional society divides women into "good women" and "bad women" based on their rich sexual experience: good women are virgins, have no sexual experience, and are passive; bad women have rich sexual experience, and independent and passionate personalities, this understanding is still not completely transformed.

But in fact, women with rich sexual experience do not mean moral corruption. Only by learning more about sex can women grow, take more responsibility for themselves and others in sex and love, and live more safely and happily enjoy sex.

03. Women have the right to choose premarital sex

Effective contraception, legal abortion, and changing gender roles have given women greater sexual freedom.

Women have more rights to choose independently in terms of the time, method, and situation of sexual intercourse. On the premise of not harming others, it is no longer a moral mistake for women to choose premarital sex.

04. Women have an organ specially designed for pleasure

This organ is called the clitoris. It contains 8,000 nerve endings and is very sensitive to stimulation. It plays the most critical role in the arousal process. It is the same organ as the male penis. The difference is that it does not have the functions of urination and ejaculation. Its only function is to feel stimulation and help women arouse. It is the most important pleasure organ in a woman's body.

05. Masturbation is the most effective way for women to explore their bodies

Studies have found that women who masturbate generally have a more positive attitude toward sex, are more likely to reach orgasm, and find their sensitive areas more easily than women who do not masturbate.

The social environment has caused women to feel ashamed about masturbation, but in essence, for both men and women, masturbation is a way to explore their sexual potential and even overcome certain sexual problems.

06. Women have various ways of masturbating

Due to the characteristics of female physiological characteristics, women masturbate in various ways, including but not limited to leg clamping, climbing ropes, friction through bedding, etc., direct stimulation of hands, etc., and most of them are discovered independently. Girls use flavour sucking vibrator to masturbate, which can improve sexual pleasure.

Girls masturbate using vibrators

07. Women’s erogenous zones are all over the body

There are differences in the distribution of erogenous zones between men and women: men's erogenous zones are relatively limited, while women's erogenous zones are "vast" and spread all over the body (that is to say, women can fully explore the "sexiness" in more other parts of the body. Zone"), so in terms of sexual sensitivity, women are no worse than men.

However, in reality, women have worse sexual experiences than men. This is not determined by physiological factors but is more affected by psychological factors and social environment.

08. Women have the ability to have multiple orgasms

There are differences in the sexual response process between women and men. Men usually experience a refractory period after ejaculation, during which they are usually unable to ejaculate again, while women are physiologically conditioned to climax again immediately after the previous orgasm. Therefore, as long as there is continued and effective stimulation, women may have multiple orgasms.

09. Women should not abuse vaginal lotion for cleaning.

The female vagina has a self-cleaning function. So you don't need to rinse it with water or other detergents.

Sometimes, the stuff that comes out of your underwear makes people feel disgusting, but in fact, these things are not dirty, but a normal phenomenon of health, and you don’t need to worry about it. And if you douche the vagina, it may destroy the beneficial bacteria in the vagina. Moreover, some lotions sold in pharmacies contain ingredients that can irritate the vagina, so never douche!

10. It is normal for women’s private parts to be dark in color

The color of a woman's vagina has nothing to do with her sexual experience, just like some people have fair skin and some have dark skin. Women should accept their bodies, and never choose to have private parts whitened just because you don’t accept them. Not to mention paying the IQ tax, irregular procedures may even affect your health.

If we want to reduce the production of melanin, we can eat more fresh vegetables, hawthorn, carrots, and other foods, and eat less salt; we can also take some drugs, such as VC, VE, retinoic acid, etc., which are enough.

11. A female vagina is normal regardless of whether it is tight or tight.

If a man thinks a woman's vagina is loose, it's probably because he's downsized (joke). Think about the muscular ducts adjacent to the vagina? It's our rectum. He has a bowel movement every day or every two days, so who said his rectum is loose? not at all.

In fact, the tightness of a woman's vagina is affected by many factors. If a woman needs to make her vagina stronger, she can do it through Kegel exercises.

12. Breast cancer threatens the health of many women

Breast cancer is more than 100 times more common in women than in men and is the second leading cause of death in women. A woman's risk of developing breast cancer gradually increases with age, and women who have had breast cancer are at higher risk of developing the disease again. A woman's risk of breast cancer is also related to her family history. About 30% of women who develop cancer have a family history. Regular breast exams are essential for all women.

13. Women have Skene’s glands

Some studies suggest that Skene's glands, located inside the urethra, function similarly to the male prostate and may be responsible for the fluids women occasionally emit during intense orgasms.

14. Orgasms are rare for women.

A considerable number of women have never experienced orgasm. In addition to negative attitudes towards sex, some diseases and lack of stimulation are also causes of orgasmic disorder. In the opinion of some sex therapists, women's lack of experience with self-touch is the number one reason why women cannot orgasm.

15. Sexual arousal disorder makes it harder for women to orgasm

Sexual arousal is a psychological process for women. Obstacles in this process will make it difficult for women to maintain a state of excitement, resulting in vaginal tightness, discomfort during sex, and difficulty in climaxing.

There are many reasons for female sexual arousal disorder. Some are due to physiological problems that lead to lubrication disorders, and more are due to women's pressure in sexual relationships and avoidance of sex.

16. An intact hymen is “abnormal”

Some women (one in a thousand) may not have such a membrane since birth, and a woman who has had sex many times may also have an intact hymen.

A woman's hymen can be ruptured by having sex (40% of women don't experience the so-called "redness" after having sex for the first time), but it can also be ruptured by many other events in life, such as gymnastics, horse riding or other sports activities, and usually, this membrane has holes (otherwise, how can the menstrual blood be discharged?), so the "hymen" in people's eyes has nothing to do with chastity, let alone whether a woman is a virgin to measure and judge a woman the value of!

17. Women are made

What is a woman like? No sexual desire? Not sexually active? A good wife and mother? Is it a male accessory? Abducted by collective consciousness and influenced by the projection of male-dominated social consciousness, these were once used to define women. But in fact, these definitions of women are not what women really look like, nor are they true humanity and nature.

In Asia, "women" are usually understood to mean older, sexually experienced women, so "women" often becomes a stigmatized term in many people's lives.

Understanding women is a very important thing in promoting the protection of women’s rights. If you are a reader of this article, if you happen to have various misunderstandings about women, we hope that you can take a significant step from now on: See women’s truest appearance, see the similarities between different genders, and respect each other’s objective differences.

No matter what gender we are, we are all human beings with many similarities. We do not exist to suppress each other. We do not need to change each other's differences. We must work together to change more inequalities.

Break away from prejudices and do whatever you want. Be a real and independent woman, be a woman who understands temperament and can climax. You should have a high-quality sexual experience!

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