How do men masturbate?

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Why do men masturbate? That's because young men reach puberty, due to the continuous secretion of male hormones by the testes, a series of male characteristics appear, such as muscular development, thicker and darker pubic hair, and at the same time, they also have a sense of sexual excitement. Some people can't help but play with their external genitalia, and quietly start masturbation out of curiosity to satisfy their own sexual demands.

Male masturbation mostly begins in adolescence. After teens get pleasure from touching their sexual organs by chance, they will use masturbation as a way to release excess sexual energy; some adult men who live alone will also use it to masturbate on lonely nights. ; Even some men who have a normal sex life will occasionally do it in order to compensate for the lack of husband and wife sex life. Therefore, it should be said that male sexual masturbation is a relatively common phenomenon. As the saying goes, "full essence overflows". Men who are sexually mature, if they do not have regular sexual life so that their psychological and physiological sexual energy can be vented normally, they will vent through sexual behaviors such as masturbation or wet dreams. This physiological behavior beyond reproach.

According to the analysis of relevant scholars, the initial occurrence of male masturbation has the following incentives:

  1. Masturbation caused by nocturnal emission. As the saying goes, "Semen overflows", when a man reaches puberty, the testicles mature and the male hormones are secreted vigorously. After the mature sperm in the testicles are mixed with prostatic fluid and seminal vesicle fluid, they can be naturally excreted from the body. This is called nocturnal emission. It is normal for young men to have spermatorrhea once or twice a month. Most people have nocturnal emission in their dreams, but some people have nocturnal emission in a awake state. When the first nocturnal emission occurs, there will be a sense of euphoria and novelty. After that, they will rub their penis with their hands continuously, resulting in masturbation.

  2. The head of the penis (glans) is not clean, and there is accumulation of urine scale, which continuously stimulates the local nerves and causes itching. At this time, rubbing with hands will also lead to masturbation.

  3. During childhood, the child caresses the penis by himself, or the adults play with the penis of the child curiously, which causes a special feeling in the child. As the age increases, the habit of touching the penis is not removed, and masturbation occurs in adolescence.

  4. Holding back urine in the morning, filling the bladder, stimulating the nerves, making the penis erect, and playing with your hands by yourself can also cause masturbation.

  5. When a man enters adolescence to watch obscene books, obscene paintings, or watch obscene videos, the stimulation of the senses will stimulate sexual nerve impulses and induce masturbation.

  For a healthy young man, occasional or infrequent masturbation has no effect on physical health, but because most young people lack the necessary sexual knowledge, they have a lot of ideological concerns about this phenomenon, which is a normal phenomenon, and are affected by it. Influenced by some traditional concepts, semen is considered to be the "essence" of human beings, and if it is lost, it will "senile before age" and "deplete vitality", thus causing some young people to be in a state of panic, and finally develop neurasthenia symptoms. Such as weight loss, insomnia, photophobia, paranoia, backache, poor vision, sweating at night, and inability to concentrate. It is an unnecessary misunderstanding and concern. It is necessary to overcome masturbation psychologically, and there is no need to be annoyed, remorseful and panic. You must know that masturbation itself does little harm to the body, and the psychological harm exceeds the sexual and physiological impact.


Don't carry the burden of masturbation, it doesn't have much effect on young people once or twice. In the past, some people claimed that "one drop of sperm and ten drops of blood", and said that semen is "high-level protein", and the loss of semen during masturbation is equivalent to "blood loss", loss of "nutrition", "loss of vitality", and "death of essence", etc. , this is all unscientific. You should know that the biggest harm of masturbation is psychological. Masturbators think that they are shameful, shameful, and they feel that they are seriously ill. They think that all discomfort is caused by masturbation. Some people even think it is shameful. People are sick, curse themselves, have a mental breakdown, and even fall down. In fact, these are all psychological effects, masturbators should not be cranky.

  Toddler Masturbation

  Many people believe that masturbation is only a behavior that occurs after puberty. In fact, young children also masturbate. Some parents ask their children when to start. If they find that their children often lie prone on a chair, sofa or bedside, keep twisting their bodies, and then straighten up like a cramp, they suddenly relax after a few minutes, their face flushes, and their whole body becomes flushed. Sweating, this type of situation is the performance of masturbation.


  Masturbation doesn't necessarily mean stimulating your external genitalia with your hands. It is also a way of masturbation to consciously make the external genitalia contact and rub against foreign objects in the outside world to produce pleasure. Masturbation can occur in children of elementary age to school age. There are more girls than boys.

 It usually begins with unintentional activities and games, and then gradually becomes a habit. Most of these young children are more sensitive and intelligent, and it is precisely because of their slightly higher intelligence and stronger comprehension ability that they can experience pleasure from accidental activities and quickly master the method of obtaining this pleasure. A scholar once said: The smartest people masturbate, and the fools have no ability to play with their genitals.


  Parents who find masturbation in young children should not accuse and scold them. This will make young children have a rebellious psychology, strengthen the impression of masturbation, and even leave psychological trauma. The correct approach is to provide him or her with more attractive recreational activities when he or she is found to be masturbating, so as to divert his or her attention and gradually weaken the way of "masturbation for pleasure".

   Teenage masturbation

After the boy is 12-14 years old, the sexual organs begin to develop rapidly, the penis gradually grows, the testis volume increases, the pubic hair grows one after another, and the color of the scrotal epidermis becomes darker and wrinkles are formed. When the child discovers these changes in himself and experiences his own sexual excitement begins to increase, he will feel very surprised, especially the external genitalia is more curious. Some children stroking and playing with their external genitalia intentionally or unintentionally, and discuss this aspect among their peers. American scholar A. Hans has made a survey, among 15-16-year-old children, 75% of boys and 57% of girls play with their clitoris or vagina, and try to obtain sexual pleasure by masturbation after becoming sexy.


  Many parents panic when they learn that their children are masturbating. They think that masturbation will affect their children's physical health, cause sexual dysfunction, infertility and other diseases, and they will degenerate. In order to prevent their children from masturbating, some parents use punishment. of even tying their hands to the bed while the child is sleeping is clearly wrong. Modern medicine has long confirmed that occasional masturbation will not cause any damage to the body and poses no threat to individuals or society. Only when frequent and excessive masturbation, or masturbation is accompanied by a sense of fear and guilt, will it be harmful to the body and mind Influence.

  The best way is: parents talk directly about masturbation, or recommend some books and articles to them to read. Through talking or reading, the child can learn from it that masturbation is a normal phenomenon, and a teenager is surprised by the changes in his body and attempts to "study" his body structure and abilities. This is not deviant and need not be Feeling ashamed and guilty. At the same time, parents should also follow a good guide to let their children know that occasional masturbation is irrelevant. It is not advisable to indulge in masturbation. It will affect the normal growth and development of the body. As a student, you should focus on your studies. In this way, children can master the knowledge about masturbation, and can correctly understand and treat masturbation, so as to smoothly pass through puberty.

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