How to Masturbate Properly?

How to Masturbate Properly
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Masturbation is an act of soothing one's reproductive organs through hands and tools, triggered by human sexual impulses, to vent and satisfy sexual needs, and to obtain sexual pleasure and comfort. Correct masturbation should follow the principles of privacy, moderation, hygiene and safety. Masturbation can happen to both men and women. Moreover, proper masturbation can not only meet the physical and mental needs, but also help to improve the quality of sexual intercourse and promote the relief of sexual depression.

So, how to masturbate? There are 4 steps as follows:

First, choose the right environment

Second, pay attention to the appropriate frequency

Third, hygiene is required before and after the event

Fourth, the way of sex needs to be safe

So, how to masturbate? Here are the specific points to note:First, choose the right environment

It is generally recommended to choose a quiet and private environment when masturbating. Because a comfortable, private and safe space can not only improve the feeling of pleasure, but also try to avoid psychological shadows caused by tension, conservatism, anxiety or concerns.

Second, pay attention to the appropriate frequency

Many people struggle with the frequency of masturbation. Generally speaking, the optimal frequency of masturbation depends on the intensity of individual sexual desire, and the frequency of masturbation that does not cause physical discomfort or psychological dependence is moderate. However, it is generally not recommended to masturbate multiple times within a day to avoid adverse effects on daily life, work status, and even physical health. Especially men should not masturbate too often, be careful to induce andrological diseases!

Third, hygiene is required before and after the event

Be sure to do personal hygiene before and after masturbation. Because uncleaned hands or masturbation tools may carry pathogenic bacteria, such as gonococcus, mycoplasma, etc. When you massage your penis or clitoris yourself, it is possible to bring germs into your urethra, genitals and other private places, thereby inducing male diseases or gynecological inflammation. Therefore, it is necessary to clean hands, tools and private parts before masturbation. It is also necessary to clean up and rinse in time after masturbation, and it is recommended to change into clean underwear and underwear.

Fourth, the way of sex needs to be safe

Both men and women, if they use tools, they must keep the tools clean, preferably with condoms; secondly, women need to avoid using sharp corners and fragile objects as masturbation tools, otherwise it may cause genital damage or foreign objects. Of course, it is not recommended for men to masturbate for a long time, so that after the body adapts to this habit, they will not be able to grasp the time in the real married life.

With the growing number of single young people, masturbation has gradually become an effective means of self-decompression for sexually mature individuals. In this regard, we do not need to feel ashamed or anxious to "hold it", but we should not be too indulgent and let masturbation Become "self-mutilating"!

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