Why does sex hurt the first time?

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Who doesn't yearn for the first night? Why does sex hurt the first time? The pain during the first sex, whoever hurts knows.

In the ignorant first night, girls will experience pain and even bleeding, and boys may also experience unspeakable "pain".

"I was so excited about the first experience of love, but today we have really passed the catastrophe! Let's make trouble!"

Female: It hurts!

Girls' pain mainly comes from physical and psychological.

01. "Vaginal flap" illusion

Pain Index???

The vaginal flap, or prevaginal membrane, is known as the "hymen." It is a connective tissue of the human body that is elastic, various in shape, and naturally porous.

Its hole shapes are ring-shaped, sieve-shaped, diaphragm-shaped, etc., and the closed state without holes is abnormal. The vaginal valve will stretch and expand due to exercise, sex life, vaginal delivery, etc., but it will generally remain there.

It can be seen that the saying of "puncturing that layer of membrane" is wrong, and it is even more absurd to judge whether a woman is "chaste" by it.

The "membrane" has not been "broken", so why does it hurt?

Very few women’s pain is caused by the small opening of the vaginal valve, which is relatively thick and difficult to expand, but more often it is caused by boys and girls who are inexperienced and rubbed against the surrounding tissues forcefully without sufficient relaxation and lubrication, which will cause bleeding and pain .

02. The barriers in my heart are difficult to cross

Pain Index?????

Excited but trembling!

Even if the partner who treats each other sincerely in front of you is someone you like very much, and both parties are looking forward to this sex, but the lack of psychological and physical preparation and lack of experience will make the initial experience of this love happy...and painful with.

The first time I had sex, the pain index soared due to the overly tense mood.

Shyness, panic, fear, worry, too many thought activities lead to insufficient foreplay arousal, so dryness and tension are normal manifestations.

Don't be impatient at this time, because impatience will aggravate the pain. It will be much better to relax yourself and slow down the opponent's movements; if you really can't bear it in the end-this is your body, of course it can be called a timeout.

03. Own disease

Pain Index??

There are many diseases that may cause pain: vaginal deformity, vaginitis, uterine fibroids, urinary tract infection and so on.

Man: I also... hurt.

Of course, the boy's pain during sex will seriously affect his performance for the first time-"male" is even more difficult.

Girls can use the clit sucker to masturbate during sex for the first time. The wetter part can make vaginal sex smoother. Boys can use the hands free masturbator to masturbate so that when inserted into the vagina, it will not be so stiff. Girls' experience Of course it won't hurt.

01. Foreskin's fault

Pain Index????

If there is still phimosis in the first night (that is, the head is pulled by the foreskin and it is difficult to expose), in the congested state of sexual excitement, the head wants to go out but fails, and it will hurt if it is pulled by the foreskin!

In addition, the inflammation caused by too long foreskin + not paying attention to cleaning will also hurt! It is very simple to solve this problem. After this "night", go to the hospital to arrange surgery, and the next "night" will not hurt.

02. Condom allergy

Pain Index?

At present, the common condom materials on the market are mainly natural rubber and polyurethane and are also equipped with lubricating fluid.

The materials of the two are safe and reliable, but both may make a small number of boys and girls with special physiques unsatisfactory and allergic.

03. Ejaculation still hurts

Pain Index????

I thought the whole process was quite fun, but when I was about to sprint, the severe physiological reaction would amplify the existing reproductive tract inflammation, such as prostatitis, urethritis, seminal vesiculitis, etc. It hurts!

In this case, you should see a doctor in time, otherwise the pain will continue "night".

All in all, for the first time, girls’ pain is more common, mainly due to psychological tension, which is unavoidable; boys’ pain is mainly caused by physical diseases, which is relatively rare. Many boys are difficult to express because of their emotions, but the faint pain is not pleasant. ah.

Everyone may not go well for the first time. At this time, we must communicate well, understand each other, and have the courage to stop in time, dare to run in, and boldly continue to love.

Of course, not everyone will feel the above pain when they are intimate for the first time. You are the lucky ones. Excluding their own disease factors, most people will experience the pain after the first or many times of running-in will be replaced by the ultimate refreshing feeling, and they will enjoy the countless experiences of love more and more.

From this point of view, sex is definitely a model of bitterness first, sweetness after time, and a new one that lasts forever.

After falling in love, does sex hurt for the first time? How much does it hurt? Want to hear your sharing, welcome to contribute.

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