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Before starting today's article, Honeyloveyou first asks the sisters a question: Have you ever faked an orgasm?

After all, orgasms are limited by the right time, place, and people. It is almost an unattainable dream to have orgasms again and again. However, if we remain indifferent when the other person is excited, it seems to ruin the atmosphere.

So as we all know, girls have an essential skill in bed: faking orgasms.

However, if you think that only women have superb acting skills in this matter, you are totally wrong.

01. Men can also fake orgasms

A survey by Muehlenhard and Shippee (2010) found that among men and women who had penetrative sexual experience, 67% of women and 28% of men respectively had faked orgasm. Judging from this data, although the proportion of men faking orgasm is relatively low, it is still a not uncommon phenomenon.

Since male orgasm is often accompanied by hard-core real-life evidence such as ejaculation, it is actually more difficult to fake an orgasm than it is for women - if the other party finds out that he has not ejaculated, it will be revealed, so you cannot let the other party see the empty condom. But this does not prevent them from working hard to compete for Oscars for their acting skills.

Do men fake orgasms?

When researchers curiously asked men how to fake orgasm, they found that there was no difference between what they did and what women did when they faked orgasm: their bodies had to swing, their muscles had to contract, their words had to be intense, and their voices had to tremble. It can be said to be a full set of acting and body coordination. Both voice and emotion.

02. “Because I love her, I won an Oscar for her.”

Regarding the matter of men pretending to orgasm, frankly speaking, Honeyloveyou's first reaction was actually: "It must be a really unpleasant experience that forced me to act."

However, Honeyloveyou was once again slapped in the face by literature.

Séguin and Milhausen (2016) noted that faking an orgasm is not in itself a sign of a rift in the emotional or sexual life of a heterosexual couple. Conversely, men who were more emotionally and sexually satisfied also faked orgasms more frequently.

Among these men who fake orgasms, most of their motivations for choosing "acting" are to take care of their partners, such as wanting to make the other person happy, hoping to reach orgasm at the same time as the other person, etc. Those men who fake orgasm, because they feel the sexual experience is not good or their partner is unattractive, are the smallest minority.

This is probably using acting skills to express "I love you".

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03. However, acting skills are actually not that important.

Muehlenhard and Shippee (2010) pointed out that, regardless of whether they are men or women, every one who pretends to have an orgasm has such a default sexual script in their heart: sex must end with orgasm.

Because of such a script, it is inevitable that we sometimes feel pressured by orgasm during sex. "Why hasn't he come yet?" "Why don't I want to come?" "Can I come today?" These thoughts often destroy our originally pleasant and relaxing sexual experience.

But sex does not only allow us to enjoy it at the moment of climax; the intimacy and sexual pleasure during the process are also experiences worthy of careful savoring.

Rather than expecting my partner to have an orgasm every time during sex, I hope that he or she can honestly share with me the true feelings of each sex, even if these feelings may not be perfect.

"You are willing to act because you love me, and I love you and don't need you to pretend." This is probably the most comfortable relationship.


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