Best hair removal method for private parts

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Do we have to take off our pubic hair, what are the benefits of taking off our pubic hair, can we not take off our pubic hair? What is the best way to remove pubic hair, today honeyloveyou will share these contents with you.

01. Pubic hair that makes people "love and hate"

The summer of the year is coming, and almost every woman wants to wear a sexy bikini and become the most dazzling existence on the beach.

But, a small piece of bikini can't cover the pubic hair sticking out, which is embarrassing...

Even if you don't wear it, just at home, the moment you put on the inner line after taking a shower, you can always look down and see the pubic hair. This feeling also makes people feel a bit "wild"...

Or maybe the two had planned a good night, but the moment they spoke, they suddenly felt like they were eating grass, and their interest dropped a lot in an instant.

Of course, some people worry about these awkward moments in life that pubic hair brings, and some people can't put it down.

To take off, or not to take off, has really become a problem. Whether it is a man or a woman, the attitude towards pubic hair is different.

Best hair removal method for private parts

Many men say they don't support hair removal, and think that pubic hair in the private parts is a sign of women's sex appeal:

"It's sexier to have pubic hair"

"It doesn't look good when you're naked, you're naked, there's no sense of mystery"

There are also many men and women who express support for hair removal. On the one hand, hair removal has become a personal habit of them. On the other hand, they think that removing pubic hair is more sexy, more hygienic, and they will feel better during sex:

"Take it off. It looks very clean and sexy~"

"Styling will make you more sexy, and having more pubic hair will not taste good"

"Resolutely take off your clothes, it's comfortable, so you don't hide dirt"

"I'm a boy, I like hair removal, I'm not confident about the size, I feel better after hair removal, although I'm a bit self-deceiving"

Of course, some people are curious about Honeyloveyou, will I remove hair? My answer is of course I will.

If you want to remove hair, of course there is no problem! It just needs to use some scientific and effective methods.

Below Honeyloveyou will share with you my private hair removal guide and some more scientific and effective hair removal methods.

02. Personal hair removal guide

Many people think that you need to go to a beauty parlor for hair removal. My personal suggestion is to choose women-specific shaving tools and do it yourself at home.

Let me tell you the approximate steps:

1). Wash the pubic hair and its surroundings with warm water, and use a comb to comb the pubic hair during this period.

Best hair removal method for private parts

2). Apply shaving gel or cream. But note that shaving gel or cream can only be applied to the pubic bone, not around the vagina.

3). Use the above-mentioned professional razor for women to shave off the pubic hair.

Best hair removal method for private parts

4). After shaving, it is best to moisturize with coconut oil.

5). Finally, you may wish to carefully appreciate the results after shaving in the mirror~

Best hair removal method for private parts

The above are the hair removal methods I usually use. After taking off the pubic hair, if you are alone, remember to use the hammer sex toy or auto dildo to masturbate, I think you will have a different experience.

Of course, some people ask me: Honeyloveyou, laser hair removal and wax paper hair removal, is it advisable? Let's talk about these two hair removal methods with you. 

About Laser Hair Removal:

Although laser hair removal can achieve long-term effects, the process is too complicated, and it cannot be done all at once, and it takes multiple times to ensure the effect. And the cost is not low.

The effect of laser hair removal is long-lasting, but it may be difficult to get pubic hair in the future, so choose carefully.

In addition, if you choose laser hair removal, it is best to do it in a medical beauty salon, not a life beauty salon.

About wax paper hair removal:

Although wax paper hair removal is fast, it is painful and the skin is prone to redness and swelling. The skin of the perineum is more sensitive, it is recommended not to use it.

If you have hair removal needs, I personally prefer to use a female-specific razor for self-removal. It is not only convenient, simple, and free, but also low in cost.

03. About the styling of some pubic hair

Some people like to shave all of their pubic hair, some people like to keep half of it, it depends on your own preferences and comfort.

For friends who don't like to shave all the pubic hair, you can choose some styles you like, as follows:

1). Bikini basic style

Bikini basic style

Only the top and sides of the pubic hair are shaved. Many women choose this style, which can prevent bacteria from entering their private parts.

2). Sunrise style

Sunrise style

This is a more eye-catching shape. Ideal for women with straight pubic hair, especially thick Asian hair.

3). Brazilian style

Pubic hair Brazilian style

A narrow strip of hair remains, the same width as the natural crease of the girl's vagina.

4). Teardrop style

pubic hair Teardrop style

It is shaped like a teardrop, similar to the appearance of a normal adolescent girl at the beginning of development.

It can be said that the pursuit of pubic hair shape also symbolizes a person's aesthetics and personality, and no matter what kind of shape it is, it is everyone's beautiful expression and interpretation of sex~

A woman's sexuality is unique, not only emotional but also biological.

Whether hair removal or not, it is a pursuit of beauty sex, and emotional expression.

It doesn't matter if your pubic hair is thin or thick, light or dark, it's all equally cute, sexy, and alluring!

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