A Free Mobile Multiplayer Game, Clash of Clans

A mobile cross platform multiplayer game of defense and attack.
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Clash of Clans is a game very similar to the browser game Kings of Chaos, except that attacks occur in real time. The attacker strategically decide what troops to deploy and what part of the enemy base to attack. Unfortunately, your option for defending against an attack is less real time. Defense is based on placement of defensive structures like walls, canon tower, archer towers, etc. The review below is based off of my experience on the Moto X with Android on the Sprint Network.

  • Multiplayer Mobile Game
    Games on the mobile platform are becoming more and more advanced. In addition to their single player campaign, there is also an online multiplayer campaign. The battles are always one vs one. One person’s attack units vs another person’s defense structure. Attack units at a base under attack cannot be used to defend. You can join a clan to both request and send support troops which are available during attack and defense. The best part about attacking is I am the commander who decides which troops to bring to battle against other bases. And others have the same opportunity to attack my base.
  • Cross Platform Compatible
    I can play with my fellow iPhone friends, because this game doesn’t limit you to the platform (Android or iPhone) you are on. This is similar to other online games like Words with Friends and Draw Something, except Clash of Clans is more action based.
  • Not Overly Time Consuming
    Since I have a full time job 8 to 5 job, I don’t like games that are constantly vying for my attention via endless notifications. For Clash of Clans, the first week is pretty active, as you work through a tutorial of the game. But buildings cost and build times increase as you level up, meaning it requires your attention at few intervals. If my base is attacked and lose, I get a free 8 to 12 hour shield to protect myself and upgrade.
  • A Full Featured Game Without Paying (completely FREE)
    Most apps are out there to make money. Clash of Clans is no different, except the game is full featured even without paying money. Some free games are free and exciting in the beginning, until you reach a point where the next building requires you to pay money to reach a prerequisite. At that point, I feel like I’ve wasted my efforts and delete the game. From what I can tell, paying money to Clash of Clan only accelerates your efforts. Every part of the game can be attained by playing longer.
  • Requires an Active Internet Connection
    This game requires an active internet connection while playing. If you connection cuts out, like it has while I ride the train to work, the game will restart. The reason for this is your base cannot be attacked while you are actively playing the game. Also, if you try joining while your base is under attack, you are forced to wait until the attack is over. Ultimately, I wish the game were still accessible without internet, but I understand where this is more difficult to keep the multiplayer aspect in sync.
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