3 Days in Seville, Spain

Some of the highlights from our trip to Seville Spain.
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In total, we spent about 4 days in Seville. During the 4 days, we did take a day trip out to Granada with a tour company that picked us up at/near our hotel and drove us out there for a guided tour of Granada. However, we spent every evening plus dinner in the city of Seville. This is another one of the very nice stops in Spain. That being said, I still prefer Barcelona on Seville. But Seville beats out Madrid.

Be prepared for Seville to be a city full of tourists. That being said, I do recall the taxi drivers (at least from my limited experience) to be friendlier in Barcelona than in Seville. Food in Seville was again amazing.

Hotel Bécquer (hotel website)

  • Front desk was very friendly, and after checking in mapped out some of the popular tourist locations in town along with a map.
  • We were originally given a room with two side-by-side twins in the shape of a queen. Each even had their own separate sheets and blanket. We requested from the front desk that they move us to a room with a queen. Due to a lack of availability, they were not able to switch us until the next morning.
  • Right near a semi-popular thoroughfare, where a parade passed through during our stay.

Seville Cathedral & La Giralda Tower (TripAdvisor)

  • When we arrived, there was a line that snaked outside of the mini-courtyard onto the street.
  • The cathedral is clearly old, but renovation was underway to restore older parts of the cathedral. Much of the cathedral is magnificent.
  • Admission is 18 Euros per person and that include access to La Giralda Tower.
  • La Giralda Tower is easy to walk up and down, but the top is smaller and crowded. There isn't much of an effort in crowd control at the top.

Eslava (4.5 Stars @ TripAdvisor)

  • Has a huge long line if you miss the first serving.
  • If there’s space at the bar, you can order drinks and/or eat.
  • If you want a table, make sure the staff have your name.
  • Favorite was the slow cooked eggs. Most over-rated was the cigar shaped


  • Not very interesting, but a nice walk through the old town.
  • Waterfront, which makes for a good photo opportunity with a bridge.

Metropol Parasol (4.0 Stars @ TripAdvisor)

  • Known as “The Mushroom” due to it’s shape.
  • Archeologist display findings underneath.
  • Looks very nice at night, with blue up-lighting.
  • The locals dislike it, as it doesn't fit in with the look of Seville.

Alcázar of Seville (Official Site - 4.5 Stars @ TripAdvisor)

  • Where some scenes of Game of Thrones was filmed
  • Purchase tickets in advance to avoid the lines.
  • Purchasing on site is slow because there are only 2-3 ticketing offices.
  • You can take all the pictures you want inside the compound.
  • A very large garden

Centro Historico de Sevilla

  • I didn’t see this was so fancy

Ovejas Negras (4.5 Stars @ TripAdvisor)

  • Tasty Tapas
  • Feels a bit more touristy than Eslava
  • Prices are higher than Eslava
  • Food is better at Eslava.

Reales Atarazanas (3.5 Stars @ TripAdvisor)

  • Suppose to be an old shipyard
  • Couldn't figure out how to get in, so other than a walk by and a peak through a broken window, there wasn't much to see.

Torre del Oro (4.0 Stars @ TripAdvisor)

  • 91 steps to the top of the tower
  • Wasn't very crowded, and does contain nice views of the city and canal.
  • Not an incredibly tall tower.
  • Tower with useful information inside

Plaza de España (5.0 Stars @ TripAdvisor)

  • An amazing plaza with a large fountain
  • A structure behind the fountain that surrounds with a river where you can rent rowboats.
  • Inside of the park, and in my opinion is a must visit.
  • There are horses nearby
  • No admissions fee
  • Location of Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones for Naboo, City of Theed.

Parque de Maria Luisa

  • A large park, with lots of shaded spaces, which is important given the temperatures in Seville.

Mercadona (a supermarket)

  • Corner of Calle Torneo and Calle San Laurean, next to the Hotel NH Sevilla Plaza de Armas.
  • If you have a spare evening, take a break from the Tapas.
  • You can see whats available to locals.
  • It’s a large grocery store, 2 floors.
  • There’s a moving floor to take you to the first floor.
  • You need to pre-weight fruits/vegetables before checking out and apply the sticker to the grocery bag.
  • There’s a self serve fresh orange juicer, like what you see at Jamba Juice.
  • You can buy Jamon here too for less than you’d pay at a bars and restaurants.

Pan y Piu (4.5 Stars @ TripAdvisor)

  • Popular TripAdvisor breakfast/pastry and coffee stop.
  • We had some time before our flight out, but not enough time for any major attractions, so we stopped over for a relaxed breakfast.
In Spain, we visited Barcelona, Madrid, and Granada (day trip). In Portugal, we visited Lisbon and Sintra (day trip). We traveled in October 2017 and had mostly sunny and hot days. Here's my thoughts on our first time to both Spain and Portugal.
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