Strategy in "The Space Game: Missions" Flash Game

The Space Game Missions is a flash game dominate space.
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The goal in this flash game is simple. Build a network of space station in space to mine minerals from asteroids. Balance your mining process with a defense network to protect your chain of space stations. "The Space Game: Missions" The graphics are simpe, mostly consisting of geometric shapes. You build choose when and where to build structures, and each has an automated task. The building will automatically mine for nearby minerals, or defend the space stations when necessary. This is strategy game, without the need to micro-manage individual units. And often times, learning the ropes of new games can be frustrating, so below is information gathered on the structures and some gameplay stragey.

The Structures

  1. Solar Station - collects lights from the sun and convers it into Energy which is needed to construct and power your structures.
  2. Miners - extract Minerals from any asteroids in range. Minerals are needed to construct structures, ships, and missles.
  3. Basic Laser - are the most basic form of defense. They engage the target instantly and only cost Energy to fire.
  4. Missle Launchers - fire high explosive missles over long ranges. The missles can follow and re-target enemies once fired. It costs both Energy and Minerals to construct and fire missles.
  5. Repair Station -  constructs up to four drones which fly to and fix any structures in range before returning. This saves you Minerals and Energy you would have spent on replacing lost structures.
  6. Energy Store - suck up all spare Energy from the Solar Stations and store it for when it is needed. This is ideal for weapons which need large amounts of energy in a short time or if you expand rapidly.
  7. Energy Relay - are used to transport Energy between Solar Stations and Energy Stores to all other structures. They do this by reflecting and refracing light. They are cheap to make, but weak.
  8. Pular - Upgraded from the Basic Laser, they are rapid firing, short ranged, and low damage. Ideal for defending against missles and smaller enemies.
  9. Tactical High Energy Laser (THEL) - Upgraded from the Basic Laser, they are long range and high damage. They are slow to fire and are ideal for strong enemies. They do not target missles.

Gameplay Strategy

  1. With any mineral gathering game, the first goal should be to insure you have a healthy supply chain of minerals. Do this by building a network of miners. Upgrade miner immediately so they are more efficient right off the bat. Try not to build too large a network with Energy Relay until defenses are up and running. Otherwise, the network is too large to defend.
  2. Your defense structure choices are Missle Launchers (which cost minerals to fire) and Basic Laser (which can be upgraded to a Pulsar 100m or THEL 500m). If the campaign has lots of minerals, build Missle Launchers, knowning that for the long game, minerals are a limited resource. If you build a Pulsar or THEL, you will need a healthy supply of Energy (see #3).
  3. Energy - Required for Basic Lasers and all upgrades. THEL 500m require TONS of energy. The Solar Station is good at generating energy, but has very little storage capacity (14 energy units). The Energy Store Level 1 holds 200 energy units and the Energy Store Level 2 holds 600 energy units.
  4. Destroy the Mothership with THEL structures. Motherships have shields against missiles.
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