Walkthrough for beating Shattered Colony

Retake a city overrun by zombies. Build bunker, collect supplies, and save survivors (who will join the cause).
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A favorite flash browser game that I repeatly play over and over is Shattered Colony. It's a well-created strategy game set in a city of surivors from a zombie attack. This game requires some strategy in determining where to place snipers, and a love of building efficient supply chains.

Your goal is simple: to rescue survivors and rid the city of all zombies. There are four building types (snipers, barricades, workshops, and depots). Build snipers and barricades structures to defend yourself from zombies. Build workshops to salvage ammo, boards, and survivors. All the while, manage your supply line of ammo, boards, and surivors with the help of depots.

The stage is set in a city from a birds eye view. Tons of building structures are displayed in green, yellow, orange, or red triangle arrows (the darker the color, the more zombies inhabit the building). The building must be "cleared" before the resources can be collected. Every 2 minute 30 seconds, a wave of zombie either from a bridge will attack, or existing zombies already in the city will attack. Clear all bridges and the entire city of zombies to win the game. Lose all your structures, and you lose.

The basics involve ensuring a steady supply of boards and ammo. Boards are required to build structures, and ammo to kill zombies. A sniper that shoots will attract nearby zombies. Now, on to more Shattery Colony game strategy:

  1. Use shortcut keys: [S] for sniper, [B] for barricade, [W] for workshop, [D] for depot, [Space] to pause, and [~] to speed up!
  2. Take out the bridges first: The longer you spend playing a game, the more zombies will appear from the bridges. Therefore, take out the bridges first.
  3. Build Towards Bridges: Take the main road. Avoid building into smaller streets unless you're trying to find more resources. The advantage here is it's easier to move survivors and resources down a straight line, and you can destroy the bridges first! If some areas have too many buildings with lots of zombies, group more snipers together to handle the load.
  4. Scope the Map: At the beginning of each game, find the easiest accessible bridges to destory, find buildings with the most survivors, and have a long term plan on victory. Churches usually have lots of survivors, Hardware Stores have lots of board/ammo, Hospitals have lots of zombies (avoid).
  5. Depot Placement: Survivors take "extra time" when turning. Therefore, try to build depots in a straight line so survivors can "pass through" them, avoid multiple turns.
  6. Place Snipers Near Depot: Doing so will allow the restocking of ammo during large waves. You don't want your snipers to run out of ammo during a firefight.
  7. Sniper Quota: Before each wave of attack, make sure the snipers closest to the bridges are fully stocked with survivors (a max of 11) to insure their accuracy is 100%. This will save on ammo because snipers won't have to take multiple shots and zombies, and you kill them faster. Also, fully upgrade the snipers so they have the longest range.
  8. Use Barricades: Take advantage of barricades on smaller streets I completely block small streets with barricades and put a sniper on the "safe" side, with a quota of 2 or 3 (depending on how many total survivors I have at my disposal). I find that by barricading, I don't need to worry as much about "protecting" an area.
  9. Use Survivors Wisely: This means at the end of each wave of zombies, leave a minimal number of survivors in the snipers. When the attack isn't on, use the survivors to expand your control of the city and collect more boards and ammo.
  10. Major Intersection Chokepoints: Setup a chokepoint where bridges lead to the same intersection. This means setting up multiple snipers, loaded with ammo and survivors (when the saves begin).
  11. Take into Account Survivor Transit Times: Remember that as your supply chain gets longer, it will take your survivors longer to get from your frontlines to the rear. Ensure your survivors have enough time to get to their sniper before the next wave of zombies.
  12. Save Game: Each game can take awhile. If you need to take a break, remember that you can save your game in the menu.
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