2 Week Trip to Spain and Portugal in Oct 2017

4 Days in Barcelona, Spain

Four of our highlighted locations for Barcelona, Spain.
We visited Barcelona in Spain for 4 days and managed to visit quite a few tourist attractions and try out some of their cuisine. Though many of the spots are geared towards tourists, of all the stops ...
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4 Days in Madrid, Spain

Visiting Madrid Spain
After 4 days in Barcelona, we took a train ride for another 4 days in the capital of Spain... Madrid. My first impression of Madrid is that it's much more like any major metropolitan city in ...
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3 Days in Seville, Spain

Some of the highlights from our trip to Seville Spain.
In total, we spent about 4 days in Seville. During the 4 days, we did take a day trip out to Granada with a tour company that picked us up at/near our hotel and drove us out there for a guided tour of...
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