Sex Knowledge: 18 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Sex

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Chatting with a close friend one day, she said: When I had sex with my boyfriend that day, I felt cold feet and put on a pair of thick socks. I never expected to get an unprecedented refreshing experience, as if opening the door to a new world...

Don't think it's an accident, in fact, socks can be a strange factor in your orgasm, and it may be strange, but it is.

Sex is unique. Even a master of sex will have some blind spots in sexual knowledge. Sex can not only be warm and beautiful, but also crazy.

Because there may be a lot of unexpected things happening in sex, which seem incredible, but are real. leten future pro is a nice masturbation cup that boys will love.

Today Honeyloveyou will introduce 18 sexual knowledge to you. Maybe you are lucky enough to have experienced some of them, and maybe some of them have never been experienced before, or even unbelievable.

But, there is no doubt that after reading these sexual knowledge, you will definitely find it interesting and fun.

18 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Sex

01. Adjust your sleeping position to get a spring dream

Who doesn't want to have a lively and fragrant spring dream? If you can't dream of spring as you want, maybe you can get it by adjusting your sleeping position.

Studies have found that people who sleep face down with their hands on top of their head are more likely to have spring dreams. Want to have a dream encounter? Might as well try it out~

02. Lack of orgasm? Maybe socks can help you

I started talking about a close friend's experience of orgasm wearing socks, in fact, socks may be a strange factor in your orgasm.

Maybe socks don't magically trigger your orgasm, and it doesn't mean that wearing socks is guaranteed to make you orgasm.

However, according to a Dutch study, it does address orgasm disorders. When researchers studied orgasms, they found that female participants disliked the feeling of cold feet.

And when they put on the socks, the percentage of subjects who had orgasms rose from 50 percent to 80 percent.

Next time, try wearing a pair of socks for sex.

03. Condoms don't affect the pleasure of sex that much

This is still a hurdle that many men cannot overcome psychologically. I think that wearing a condom is a barrier and affects the sense of experience, but it is more of your psychological effect.

The study found that men and women enjoyed the same level of sexual pleasure with and without condoms, with little difference.

In fact, maybe condoms can make sex even better, thanks to these new, pleasure-enhancing innovations.

More importantly, wearing a condom is essentially for each other's safety and health, which comes first.

18 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Sex

04. Girls and girls have the most orgasm experience

In front of love, regardless of gender, sex is also.

A study on relationships found that 61.6% of heterosexual women had an orgasm.

Same-sex women had an orgasm rate of 74.7%, while bisexual women had an orgasm rate of 58%.

So same-sex women are more likely to orgasm than heterosexual women.

05. When is sex time?

Of course, after exercising, the blood flowing to the reproductive part is much more than usual. This is a good time to have a wonderful sex.

Not to mention, of course, exercise makes your testosterone soar, and you're sure to have a high sex drive.

06. Someone can orgasm while exercising

When it comes to fitness, the average person is very satisfied when they can achieve orgasm, and some lucky people can achieve orgasm when they are working out!

This can be thanks to the repetitive movement in the core area, but also to your own good luck.

07. Hooking up may also enter marriage

You may feel that casual hookups are unlikely to lead to long-term relationships. But the truth is that one in three couples enter marriage from casual hookups.

Maybe one-night stand is not a formal marriage textbook, but it does have the possibility in fact.

08. Nipple orgasms do exist

Add this one to every crazy orgasm you can imagine.

Here's how a nipple orgasm works: Stimulating the nipple releases oxytocin, which in turn causes the uterus and vagina to contract.

This causes more blood to flow to the genital area and, for some lucky women, can trigger an orgasm.

18 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Sex

09. Lube can help you orgasm more easily

If you're having trouble reaching orgasms, maybe a bottle of lube can do the trick.

Research from Indiana Bloomington University found that 50 percent of men and women who used lube said that using lube helped them achieve orgasm more easily. This may be the easiest sex tool.

Of course, using lube is also a fun way to play during sex, why not?

10. 31% have had a false orgasm

A New York Times study found that people sometimes play tricks to fake orgasms. It's time to think, don't you know anything?

However, there are many reasons behind the false orgasm. The problem of blindly placing yourself in the position of the victim still cannot be solved. Let’s talk to him.

11. Travel is prone to one-night stands

One site surveyed 11,000 users and found that 52 percent of men and 41 percent of women had one-night stands while traveling when asked about their "best sex secrets" while traveling.

12. Sex can reduce stress

Don't underestimate the health benefits of a high-quality sex session. Sex can be calming, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress.

Research has shown that speakers who have sex before public speaking are the most relaxed and the least stressed.

And when you're fully committed, you can feel a flow-like sense of satisfaction and well-being.

13. Sex can normalize periods

If you have menstrual problems, sex should be the first solution you try (of course, serious problems still need to be solved by a professional doctor).

Research from Stanford University and Columbia University shows that women who have sex at least once a week tend to have more regular periods.

14. Sex can reduce pain

Have you ever wondered why behaviors like slapping and scratching your hair change from pain to enjoyment in bed. This is because the pain threshold is also raised when the desire is surging.

Of course, this is not to suggest such behavior. If you have a tendency to SM, you also need to give informed consent.

15. Sex can cure headaches

Before you seek painkillers, you might be able to try this all-natural solution.

One study found that 60% of migraine sufferers reported that sex helped them relieve their pain. That's it!

Next time you're having a headache, try having sex with your partner, it might be great.

16. Orgasms make pillow talk more enjoyable

During the foreplay stage, we will rub our ears together. During the process, we may not help but say some erotic foul language. In fact, the pillow conversation after the event is also very important.

Especially after the orgasm, the communication on the pillow will be more intimate, and each other will be more willing to open their hearts, which we call the drive.

18 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Sex

17. Semen is low in calories

To be exact, a spoonful of semen is only 36 calories. In case, you are thinking about this.

18. An apple a day improves sex life

Studies have shown that women who eat a fruit a day have a higher quality of sex life. What's more, apples are delicious, so it's a win-win.

Sex is unique, and each individual's sex is very different. Even a master of sex cannot fully penetrate the mystery of sex.

It can always bring you unexpected surprises and madness. We need to constantly explore and discover the uniqueness of sex in our experience. The more we know, the more joy we can experience.

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