6 Libido-Boosting Poses For Couples

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What is the sexual position? There are many sexual positions in sex life. Different people prefer different sexual positions. Today, let's take a look at common sexual positions. Find out which one is the best sex position for you. Honeyloveyou will share with you.

1. Normal posture, rhythmic movement

First, after the penis is combined in a normal posture, the woman crosses the waist of the man in the form of bending her knees, and moves the waist rhythmically in line with the sexual movement of the man.

Soon, placing the woman's legs on the man's shoulders, the man seizes the opportunity to shift position and pull up the woman's upper body, which becomes a front seat position. The woman crawled tightly around the man's neck, the man hugged the woman's waist, and in this position, the woman pushed the man down into a half-seat position, gradually increasing the rhythm, causing the woman to lean back excitedly. Also, men stand up and lift women's waists, which has become a high-waisted pose method. At this time, the woman was knocked down by the strong behavior of the man.

2. Posture behind

First, pick up the woman's buttocks from behind and move back and forth repeatedly, touching the woman's sensitive zone with one hand forward. At this time, the woman's breathing will gradually become rapid, there is an orgasm waiting, bear the woman's waist, and put her knees between the woman's knees.

In the end, both of them form two curved lines, while the lying woman straightens her feet and the man pulls up and enters from above, with a strong impact through the woman's body but also for the man to orgasm.

3. Lateral changes, right-angle movements

The two are combined in a lateral position. The man lifts the woman's leg so that the upper body is upward, and then the knee shifts position. At this time, it moves at a right angle, and then turns to the rear position to caress the woman. In particular, hugging a woman's waist can enhance sexual movement.

Then the woman stands up and the man has sex repeatedly until tired.

4. Riding position, front and rear movement

The woman sits on top of the man, achieving a combined state. Men should rhythmically shake the woman's thighs, back and forth, and caress the woman. With the timing, the upper body is raised, transformed into the front seat position, the waist of the woman is pulled closer, and the left and right movements are performed. If the man can induce the woman to twist her waist, the sexual movement will be very smooth.

After the woman is excited, if the body leans back, the man should lean down as much as possible. In the woman's single foot, the man's single foot is intertwined and the woman's waist is rocked back and forth. Then, the man stood up again, widened the woman's thighs, and entered forcefully, and after this intense action was completed, the woman couldn't help being excited and crying.

5. Back seat position, deep exercise

The man sits on a bed or chair and the woman sits with her back to the man, receiving the entry of the penis. At this point, the knee can be used to force the woman to open her feet, changing the angle. After women are happy, they will strengthen the friction between the male's thighs, resulting in a very comfortable feeling. Men adjust into depths that make women anxious or satisfied.

6. Standing Pose, Stretching

Hug each other warmly, let each other's bodies do a tight sexual fit, caress the back and buttocks by the way, and then pull the man's waist closer. After a period of sexual exercise, the man picks up the woman, wraps his feet around the man's waist, surrounds the man's neck, and desperately stretches his back to cooperate with the exercise.

Then hold the woman beside the bed, only let the woman's upper body lie on the bed, and hang the woman's feet on the man's shoulders. In this position, the man can see the sexual apparatus of the woman and master the bond.

Different postures can bring different sexual pleasures to women. On the original basis, pay more attention to the change of sexual posture to help women gain happiness. The free transformation of sexual positions excites her!

If there is not enough lubrication during sex and it feels astringent, you can use some lubricants to assist. Also pay attention to contraception.

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