Which parts of the female body are more sensitive?

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In the case of doubt about sex, you can let your lover follow your sense of the rhythm of sex. Social development is something that many lovers have to explain to some, but how can they think about sex? Honeyloveyou will share with you.

Many people will be happy based on a kiss. Next came stroking, then sex, and then nothing. Relevant locations often involve the mouth, fingertips, and sex organs, but have you tried to find other areas of the body? When you touch it, do you immediately have sex? Gently pulling on your neck will make you want to peel off each other's clothes and pants.

First, remember to touch and touch gradually. During sexual foreplay, many parts of the human body still need to be excavated. Gradually dig which position will give your lover a soft chant. Then, is to touch every inch of skin. Maybe the inside of the wrist, maybe the back of the neck, maybe the eyelids. The base of the thigh is a sensitive area to touch, tap, and suck, perhaps the feet.

How can you tell if you haven't tried it? Licking his earlobes. Does he have a comfortable chant? Or you can try biting his bare feet. Fully explore each other's bodies. It's just hot breaths around his neck, or long, gentle strokes on his back.

Stimulate the ears, orgasm

The ear is an often overlooked part of sex life. Stimulating her ears with her mouth will make her noticeably happy. Licking her earlobes makes her shiver. You can also gently stroke her helix with your lips, or touch the earlobe with your finger and stick your finger into the ear, which works really well. However, during sex, we should pay attention to whether the safety precautions have been completed, the love is more obvious, the unique external thread design scheme, improve sensitivity, give her more obvious and exciting happiness, high quality pure natural latex , more comfortable and comfortable, giving her a stronger sense of sexual happiness.

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