Cell Expansion Wars Tips and Strategy

Android game "Cell Expansion Wars" by developer Mobirix.
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The strategy Android game "Cell Expansion Wars" recently recommended on the Google Play store turned out to be fairly addictive. The game developed by Mobirix is easy to learn. The levels get progressively more difficult, with the first 100 levels being fairly simple, nearly impossible not to complete. The faster you complete the level, more stars you get. However, you can't get less than 1 star on each level. This game is similar in genre to Hades' Star, Starlink, and Auralux, also Android strategy games. Similar to other games in this genre, there isn't a multiplayer function.

Cell Expansion Wars is heavily advertisement supported. During game play, there's a banner ad bar located across the top (portrait mode). Between some levels or level restarts, there's sometimes a short (5-10 second) video ad that can be skipped. It's annoying and probably draws unnecessary battery. Even if you wanted to pay, there's no method to remove all advertisements.

Your progress and Google Play achievements are saved by logging and synchronizing with your Google account.

How to Play Cell Expansion Wars?

In short, you start each levels with a certain number of cells (green colored). Extend tentacles from your cells to other cells simply by touching and dragging. The simple goal is to take over all enemy cells. Of course there are a few other rules:

  • Connecting your "source" cell to your "target" own cell will heal the "target" cell.
  • Connecting your cell to an enemy cell will attack the enemy cell.
  • Cutting your own tentacle will break the connection.
  • Tentacles cannot pass through the walls of small squares.
  • "Attacking (triangle) Cells" send double the units to enemy cells.
  • "Healing (plus) Cells" send double units to your friendly cells.
  • Some cells are larger and can send more than 2 tentacles out (default is 2 tentacles per cell)
  • "DEF (splat) Cells" will cause all units to be sent back to the source.

Buy and Earn Add-Ons

There are various add-on pills that can be added to both friendly and enemy cells. These can be purchased with virtual gold coins. Virtual gold coins can be purchased with real money, earned by watching a video ad, or gifted by logging in daily to Cell Expansion Wars. I am however not a fan of using add-ons, as it also defeats the challenge behind the strategy.

  • Cell Injection (red and green pill) will add 10 health to a friendly cell or remove 10 health from an enemy cell.
  • Cell Convert (green needle) will instantly convert an enemy cell to a friendly
  • Freeze (ice cube) will temporarily freeze all movement from an enemy cell.

Again, I re-iterate that buying or even using the free ones in my opinion is cheating at Cell Expansion Wars.

Cell Expansion Wars Tips and Strategy

The more hours logged playing, the more tidbits of tips and strategies are picked up. Different levels setups have different strategies to winning.

  1. Where you cut the Tentacle is important. The length of the tentacle hold a certain number of units that are in-transit from the source to the target. If you cut the tentacle in the middle, half of the cells return to the source while the other half go to the target. If you cut right near the source cell, then most of the cells will end up at the target cell.
  2. Another strategies involve defending your own cell in a loop fashion. This way, if an enemy cell attack you, it's always being backed up.
  3. Know that when a cell reaches it max, new units received will pass through faster.
  4. Taking over a neutral cell can cause give you a small boost.
  5. Act fast, once the level starts, start connecting tentacles.
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