Starlink... More Strategic than Auralux?

Starlink by Tasharen Entertainment for Android, iOS, PC
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Starlink (by Tasharen Entertainment) is similar to  Android App game I previously reviewed called Auralux, both in graphics and gameplay. The graphics are mores striking in Auralux, but Starlink makes that up in more strategy. For this review, I played Starlink recently, but re-downloaded Auralux for a quick re-cap on features. I'm playing on a smartphone (Moto X First Gen)


  1. Both are available as free downloads in the Android Play Store.
  2. Both use simple, but easily understood graphics. Don't expect fancy spaceship graphics though.

But despite their many similarity, there are just as many differences that make both real time strategy games unique. In my opinion, Starlink is an enhancement over Auralux because nearly everything in Auralux can be done in Starlink. Both games have "planets" that generate "fighters" for either defending your existing planets or attacking new planets.

One difference is the link between planets can only support set amount of traffic. This is a change to the standard where one swipe moves half of the "fighters" from one "planet" to another. This change has its pros and cons. The pro being troops are always being moved around the universe of "planets", which in the end is very aesthetic. The con is a "planet" can only be sending "fighters" down one link even if multiple links exist. Neither pro or con outweigh the other.

Another features in Starlink is "Abilities". In addition to moving "fighters" to and from "planets", you can use "abilities" to increase attack and defense effectiveness. Some examples are Patriotism, which helps one planet resist capture. Another example is Wide Load, which increases the amount of traffic allowed on a link. Most "abilities" are temporary with a cooldown. "Abilities" add a fresh dynamic to the game and the developers at Tasharen Entertainment have done an amazing job at balancing the game.

Lastly, Starlink can be played against the computer (like Auralux), but also against other players online (available to paid users) or on your local network. Because I don't know others who like this game, I can't say much more than the feature is there.

You can try a free full version of Starlink at, except importing and exporting profiles, which requires supporting them via a purchase on one of the mobile platforms.

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