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Strikefleet Omega by 6w
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Now that my addiction to Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans has come to end, I started my hunt for my next favorite Android app. What I've discovered from the Google Play store is Strikefleet Omega by 6w. In this game, Earth has been destroyed and you're the final commander in charge of a fleet of ships in space. Read the official story details about Strikefleet Omega on the Google Play store. Since game experience may vary depending on your Android device, this review was done on a Motorola Moto X.

My first impression of Strikefleet Omega is the striking resemblance to Homeworld (an old PC game by Relic in 1999). As expected, Strikefleet Omega is much simpler in every way than Homeworld, but still very impressive game.

The touch controls for Strikefleet Omega are straightforward and easy to learn via pop up tutorials along the way as new motherships are introduced. Swipe from the mothership to command fighter jets and miners. Artillery can be fired by tapping a target area. The resources gather can be used to warp in additional motherships.

The graphics are superb, well designed, and blend perfectly with the gameplay. This goal of this real-time strategy game is to command your fighter jets to defend the fleet against attacking enemy. As your progress through each level of the campaign, new motherships and upgrades are introduced that increase the difficulty of the game. If you ever get stuck, in-game purchases are available, but not required (thought it may take longer to beat). Also available after a progressing 14 levels is a survival mode.

I like Strikefleet Omega over Candy Crush Saga because there isn't a life limitation. And unlike Clash of Clans, I don't have to worry about checking in at a certain times. I can play Strikefleet as much as want and at my own schedule. All aspects of a mobile phone game with great gameplay that makes Strikefleet Omega a hit in my book!

At the time of review, I notice that there is not an option to synchronize game progress with Google+. As far as I can tell, if I delete Strikefleet Omega, my progress will be lost and I'd have to start over. Another suggestion is for improvements on screen scroll sensitivity when directing fighter jets to an area off the screen.

My most helpful tip for gamers having problems beating a level is to use two hands to coordinate attacks. This will almost double the speed as you move your fighter jets to either ends of the screen. Buy a new mothership when the option becomes available, otherwise go for an upgrade that increases the number of fighter jets.

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