What to do if vaginal dryness occurs during sex?

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Love fluid is needed to lubricate during sex, otherwise it will cause poor sex and even cause pain, so how can we increase the wetness of the private parts?

During sex, women's vaginas usually secrete love fluids, which can help sex go more smoothly. But sometimes it feels dry because the vagina is not moist enough, which affects the feeling of sex, and even pain.

1. Increase foreplay time

In addition to the girls' own physiological state, if the girls have not yet entered the state, the warm-up time will of course be extended. This is also a part that many men tend to ignore. Don't skip the foreplay caress stage because you want to save time.

What to do about vaginal dryness during sex

2. Add more water

Vaginal dryness is a problem. In addition to getting older, lack of body water is also a major reason. Drinking a glass of water before sex can greatly improve vaginal wetness.

3. Regulate estrogen

Starting from the age of 35, the estrogen secreted by girls will begin to decline. The intake of foods such as yam, green papaya, black sesame and beans can help to regulate and balance estrogen.

4. Decompress yourself

Don't love for any purpose, especially pregnancy. Warming up becomes more difficult when there is pressure or burden on the mind, regardless of gender. Sex should be done simply to enjoy skin-to-skin with the person you love the most. An auto blowjob masturbator is a good choice.

5. Maintain exercise habits

Exercise actually affects many levels. Regular exercise habits can improve sleep, reduce stress, and improve metabolism in the body, thereby promoting vaginal fluid secretion.

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