Upscale Stay at 3 Star "Kyoto Cross Hotel" in Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto Cross Hotel in Kyoto
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A hotel that opened in mid-2018, the furnishings where fairly modern. The location is good, with a small street behind the hotel that lines a very small creek (with tons of restaurants options) and next to a larger more highly travelled (and crowded) street with shops for souvenirs, desserts, convenient stores, and a handful of restaurants. Both streets are picturesque in their own way, and Cross Hotel is located between both.

Due to the location, the rooms don’t have much a view, as it is squashed between other buildings. However, the rooms do come with a spacious shower, bathtub, a coffee machine available 24/7 downstairs, and an automated currency exchange machine. There aren’t any coin operated washing machines, as I heard another guest inquire since they were disgusted by the prices of have housekeeping do them for you. However, it’s expected, as Cross is rated as a 3 star hotel.

We were originally planning on staying at a hotel off of a nearby metro station (it’s what we do for convenience to avoid dragging our luggage through crowded streets), but a fellow traveler we met on a tour highly suggested Cross Hotel in Kyoto, and we didn’t regret the decision for a last minute change of hotel.

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