Thoughts on Ka (Las Vegas)

KA's Cirque du Soleil theater in MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
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The incredible part of KA, playing at the MGM Grand, is the stage. Not only is the stage incredibly large, but also very dynamic. It technologically advanced stage spins on all its axis and can even flip completely vertical as the acrobatic and aerial performs climb up and down (and fall down) the stage. The theater itself cost $100 million to build and another $60 million for the rest (artists, crew, costume, etc). It's the most expensive Las Vegas show ever produced. Due to the complexity of the theater, its nearly impossible for this show to go on tour, so expect to only be able to watch KA in Las Vegas. The show is 1 hour 30 minutes, with no intermission. The story is described as "the coming of age of a young man and a young woman through their encounters with love, conflict and the duality of Kà, the fire that can unite or separate, destroy or illuminate".

We sat in centered to the stage, but in the middle in comparison to the front and back. If you Google "KA Las Vegas Seating Chart", we sat in section 202, row CC. Since the stage has the ability to move, a lot of the action happens via the entire vertical dimension of the stage. So sitting too hard up may result in lots of neck strain, but you'll get a clearer view of the performers. I thought my seat in section 202 dead center was perfect! Oddly, there were plenty of empty seats, as even the entire row behind us was empty.

Compared to other Cirque du Soleil, KA has been the easiest story to follow. The acrobatics in this performance more closely mirrored ninjas. I have this problem that when sitting too far back, the performers that wearing similar color costumes are difficult to distinguish. That was certainly the case in this story, where there were three female performers with similar costumes that everyone in our group had challenges distinguishing, which makes the story fairly confusing. The official Cirque du Soleil preview below gives you a good sample of the show without giving away too much.

KA Ticket Price

After planning ahead to purchase KA ticket online at while waiting in line at EggSlut at Cosmopolitan, we were surprised to find ticket prices cheaper directly at the MGM Grand box office for day of purchase. For reference, we were in Las Vegas for this show a couple of days before Christmas 2019, so the crowds weren't at the peak. We ended up paying around $150 per seat.

Free KA Backstage Tour

The backstage KA tour (free) is available two days a week. Check the advertisements at the MGM Grand KA box office for updated days and time. The availability for these free tours didn't match up with my Las Vegas schedule, but reviews of the backstage tour suggest it's a simple video. They also suggest watching the actual KA performance before the KA backstage tour to avoid ruining and surprises.

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