The Last Ship TV Show - Cure the Outbreak

The Last Ship is a TV Show on TNT.
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One of my favorite 2016 TV Shows is The Last Ship. It features a world with a devastating viral outbreak that has decimated much of the world. As a last ditch effort, a US Navy ship the USS Nathan James, her crew, and a lone scientist are sailing the world searching for the cure to save society. Unlike other sci-fi related shows and movies, everything about The Last Ship is more or less real. No aliens, no zombies, and no super weapons. Instead, it's a 100% patriotic TV show featuring the US Navy. And since a large majority of the show is aboard a Navy ship, there's a large strategic aspect on outsmarting the opponents and challenges.

The Last Ship vs Similar Movies and TV Shows

How do you know if you might be a fan of The Last Ship? Below are a handful of movies and TV shows that in the past I have enjoyed and have some resemblance to The Last Ship.

  1. The movie Outbreak most closely mirrors the plot of The Last Ship. Both feature viral outbreaks, the US Military, and the search for a cure.
  2. The Last Resort was a short-lived TV Show that features the naval strategies of a US Submarine, but under different circumstances... no viral outbreak.
  3. There's some resemblance in regards to the society rebuilding aspect of The Walking Dead, without all the gore, zombies, and brutal killings.
  4. Battlestar Galactica has a very strategic command theme, with the major difference being the ocean ships vs spaceships.

The Last Ship is on-going, in the middle of Season 3. Where some TV show waiver in their ability to keep me interested, the plot continues to keep me interested in the wake of an outbreak.

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