Strategies for LandlordGO - Next Gen Version of LandLord by Reality Games

LandlordGO by Reality games is an upgrade from the original Landlord game.
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The next generation version of Landlord geolocation mobile app has been released. The premise of this game is nearly identical to the original Landlord game, which makes me wonder if the release of LandlordGO is purely monetary. The original Landlord game may have reached it's end since many popular properties had been fully purchased and most player accounts have been maxed out. But the decision for Reality Games to release LandlordGO instead of updating the existing version is disappointing since I am unable to continue from where I previously left off.

Changes to LandlordGO vs Landlord

  • From a minor standpoint, the gameplay moves much faster and the graphics have been revamped to feel more modern.
  • Properties are now based on shares. In Landlord, if you purchased 100% of the property, you would always own the entire property. In LandlordGo, each property has 1000 shares to start. If enough properties are purchased nearby, new shares can be added to nearby properties. This gives the game unlimited playtime, as the shares can be inflated with time.
  • There isn't a cap on how much money you can own. In Landlord, the amount of cash your could save at the bank is limited to your level (progression in the game). The cap in LandlordGo appears to be removed.
  • LandlordGo has an Agent that you can move around the map for free. The time it takes to move from Point A to Point B appears to be similar to the amount of time it might take to drive. The upside is once the Agent is moved, he's there forever. However, you always have the ability to toggle your purchase view back to your current GPS location. The original Landlord game didn't have the concept of an Agent, so its was a more pure gelocation game.
  • There are three briefcases that appear once per day with free LandlordGO coins. Just login daily and collect the coins, which can be used for upgrades or speedups.
  • Instead of automatically adding money to the bank, the rent now much be collected. The free tier requires collection every 4 hours, but a paid USD upgrade increase it to 12 hours. I left mine at 4 hours.

The rest of the game is fairly similar, with various upgrades via coins. The common upgrades such as Lawyer (increase paperwork by 1), Accountant (reduce paperwork time), and Tycoon (increase property slots) are still available for upgrades. Coins can now also be used to speed up the Agent movement speeds.

LandlordGo Winning Strategies

  1. I primarily use my coins to upgrade "Tycoon", which will allow more properties. As if it does take longer to purchases properties, I'm going to eventually max out on the number of properties I can purchase.
  2. I buy all of the same category, which provide bonus percentage payout.
  3. Just like the original Landlord game, your rent is not collected while paperwork is being completed on the property. Therefore, since rent accrual is paused while a property is being purchased, (and I don't intend to login every 4 hours in the middle of the night), I try to make my long running purchases at night when I know I'm already going to miss out on some profits.

As a fairly unique game, Give LandlordGo a try. The advertisements are are only displayed (as of the writing of this) when you want to double your collection.

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