SnapPower Alternative at Half the Price!

LumiCover by Westek, a great alternative to SnapPower.
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SnapPower invented the best improvements to LED nightlights! The SnapPower wall plates improved nightlights by embedding LED lights seamlessly into the bottom of the actual wall plate. Installation is easy... simply remove a couple of screws and replace with the new wall plate. There are also no batteries to replace, as power is drawn straight from the plug (so make sure the outlet isn't connected to a light switch). And the LED lights only activate when the room turns dark. Best of all, no more plugging in the traditional nightlight that would take up one of the power sockets. The improved clean look these new nightlights will be a simple DIY for you entire house. However, I could never justify the price at nearly $15 per wall plate!

SnapPower Alternative

Today, there's an alternative to SnapPower called LumiCover by Westek. Compared to the $15 for SnapPower, this LumiCover is nearly half the price at $8 per wall plate! It features the same LED functionality as SnapPower, and well worth the try. LumiCover also features:

  • LED night light at the bottom that turns on when the room is dark
  • No wires to connect/disconnect
  • No batteries! They pull power directly from the outlet
  • No adjustments to the light power
  • Easy installation, remove one or two screws.

LumiCover currently only has a couple of styles, so if you want more options, you'll need to wait until the competition catches up. But both options by LumiCover only support a 1-gang box. The outlets can be the style with two rounded outlets cutouts or the outlets with one rectangular outlet and they should not be GFCI.

Similar to SnapPower, these wall plates connect via plastic hinges where if not careful, can snap off. So be cautious when installing or removing the covers.

Advantages Over Traditional Nightlight

There are several advantage to installing a LED nightlight built right into the power outlet cover, such as:

  1. No more removing an existing outlet when you need the outlet for the vacuum cleaner.
  2. Kids won't run off with the night light.
  3. No more forgetting to replace the nightlight if its been removed.

Other Upgrades to Consider

Before you replace your wall plate with SnapPower or LumiCover, also consider adding insulation to the power outlets with foam to reduce air leaks into your house.

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