How to Seal Power Outlets and Switch Airleaks

Duck socket sealers to insulate interior and exterior power outlets.
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In the quest to better seal up my home from the winter weather, I found many websites that suggest searching for air leaks. One low cost area is the gap in the power outlets and wall switches. And a quick search shows that a pack of 24 socket sealers by Duck brand costs only $2.88 (add-on item) from Amazon. Even though I wasn't able to use all 24 due to outlet shape, I did get some of them to work. Because it was only a $2.88 investment, it was well worth it to improve energy efficiency.

What to verify before purchasing Socket Sealers? For me, I was disappointed because most of the socket sealers did not fit in the power outlets at my house. My outlets look more like GFCI outlets, with a rectangular cutout by the power outlets instead of two individual circles. Take a quick look at the picture of the package to get a good idea.

Luckily for me, I had a few interior outlets in the style required by Socket Sealers. Installation of the socket sealers to reduce air draft was easy and only requires a small screwdriver. I didn't even both shutting down the power, though to be extra careful, it might not be a bad idea. The socket sealer is Styrofoam without any sticky mess to deal with. The holes pre-cut holes on each sealer matched very snuggly with my existing outlet.

Check out the Amazon for latest prices for Duck Socket Sealers!

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