Organizing with Gorilla Rack 5 Tier Steel Shelving Unit

Two Gorilla Rack 5 Tier Steel Shelving Unit setup in my garage
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Since I bought my KB Home built townhouse, the amount of "stuff" has been cluttering the available space on the floor in my garage. We had things like plastic snow sleds, plastic water bottles, bicycle gear, toolkit, shoe boxes, and other odds and ends. I wasn't looking to spend a lot of money. What I needed was a simple storage solution for my garage.

Eventually, I found a great deal online at with in-store pickup for two Gorilla Rack 5 Tier Steel Shelving Units (with an Ace coupon) for $28.22 each. Many online reviewers had complained about how little weight each tier supports, given the Gorilla brand. But as stated online, each tier can hold 200 lbs, which is far more than I would need. The packaging was efficiently packed into a box and two easily stacked into my 2007 Camry trunk.

Unpacking the Gorilla Rack 5 Tier Steel Shelving Unit was easy. The tiers are made of composite wood (similar to the stuff I find in the lower quality IKEA furniture). This makes me wonder how long before the shelves being to sag. The supporting steel frame is L-beam steel frame. Individually, each L-beam frame is very flimsy. But after construction, it becomes surprisingly stable. In generally, putting together the Gorilla Rack 5 Tier Steel Shelving unit was straightforward (even easier the second time around). The key is to follow the instructions (and not take shortcuts like I tried). Before it is completely built, the various steps are very flimsy! I was able to build it by myself, but a second set of hands would have simplified the process. The provided instructions are easy to understand and only requires a rubber mallet. I don't own a mallet, but a hammer did the trick. I just didn't hit too hard to prevent damaging the L-beam frame.

Ultimately, the Gorilla Rack 5 Tier Steel Shelving Unit was exactly what I had in mind. Low cost, easy to build, and sturdy, I can't think of anything I don't like about it.

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