Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum After 2 Years (Battery, Filter, Soft Fluffy Cleaner, etc)

Elefly Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum Battery Replacement
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After 2 years of ownership, my Dyson V8 Absolute has gotten a lot of use. As the primary vacuum the cleans the carpets in a couple of rooms plus the staircase, it's the soft fluffy cleaner handles the hardwood in the rest of the house. In general, we notice it's the carpeted staircase that requires the most cleaning and the Dyson excels in that use case. The Dyson now also cleans up after my son's spills during mealtime and the floors that he crawls and walks over.

Dyson V8 Battery Life - Needs Replacement

And though the battery was never expected to last forever, it now has a very noticeable reduction in battery life. Though there's enough battery life for small cleanups, it is no longer practical for vacuuming many rooms around the house. Unfortunately, the Dyson V8 does not have a easily replaceable battery, but it can be replaced by removing three screws from the Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner (YouTube video on replacing Dyson V8 Battery). So I ordered a 3rd party replacement battery: ELEFLY 21.6V 4500mAh Lithium Battery Replacement for $60 while the official Dyson replacement battery for $130.

Both Dyson filters still appear very clean and don't need replacement, however the replacement battery I purchased comes with two replacements.

Dyson Soft Fluffy Cleaner Heads in Great Condition

The Soft Fluffy Cleaner Header for Dyson is also surprisingly clean, which is good because it's also very effective at cleaning up all the hard dry food (like cereal and crackers) the baby throws on the floor. Because most of the cleanup was dry, the condition of the soft fluffy cleaner head is still very good.

And that's good because the Dyson V8 Soft Fluffy Clean Head costs over $100!

Dyson is not Great With Damp Messes

Also to note is I used the stick attachment for the Dyson to clean up damper baby messes such as rice and quinoa that the baby throws on the floor. I give credit to the Dyson for doing an amazing job at cleanup up the messes, but unless I can get all the damper foods into the garbage, it festers in the Dyson vacuum and ends up stinking. So I avoid using the Dyson for damper messes.

Dyson vs the Carpeted Staircase

Lastly, my favorite use for the Dyson is cleaning up the staircase. Having the small carpet attachment makes effectively cleaning up the stairs a breeze, and much cleaner for my son to crawl over.

Dyson Today... the V15

All in all, I'm still very satisfied with the Dyson V8. I've noticed that the Dyson's website now sells the Dyson V15 with some amazing new technologies like a single head for cleaning carpet and hardwood. It also has a click removal for replacing batteries (great if you want to keep multiple batteries charged and in -use). The lasers for identifying dust and the digital display is an amazing selling point, but also a bit gimmicky. For now, I'm sticking to purchasing a replacement battery for $60 which will hopefully last another two years!

Dyson products aren't cheap, so I wanted to make sure I purchase the right stick vacuum. From researching the differences between Dyson stick vacuums to purchasing, and long term ownership reviews.
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