Nature's Bakery Fig Bar: Amazon vs Costco vs Jet

Nature's Bakery Fig Bar, 2 x 1 ounce pieces per package.
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Nature's Bakery Fig Bars make for a great anytime snack. I recently became aware of this snack after it became a SlickDeals Frontpage Deal. So before blindly purchasing it from Amazon, I did some basic homework to verify the price at other retailers. There are over 800 reviews on Amazon at an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars, so I decided this would be a good snack for around the house for when I get hungry between meals or for taking to work. They're individually packaged (2 pieces per package), so they're the perfect grab-and-go snack. And they're packaged 2 per package, which helps prevent eating too many at once, they are a bit high in sugar! Not to over-advertise for Nature's Bakery, but the product is:

  • Stone ground whole wheat
  • No high fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors or flavors
  • Soy free, dairy free, cholesterol free
  • Non GMO Project verified
  • Certified Vegan and Kosher

The one glaringly bad review of Nature's Bakery Fig Bars was a report (and a picture) of moldy product. When contacting customer support, they sent out another package. However, the reviewer noticed more from the original pack was moldy. The bad new is the mold. The good news is mold is proof there's nutrient in the product. It's rare to buy fresh oranges and not get a few moldy ones. Just remember to use common sense and be aware of what you're eating.

Price at Amazon vs Costco vs Jet

Though these are the big three retailers, they are each slightly different. So the assumption for Amazon and Jet is that free shipping. I negate the price of driving to Costco because I already go on a weekly basis, regardless of if I plan on buying Nature's Bakery Fig Bar or not. And the Price/Unit is not 100% accurate, as the Costco pack comes in 3 flavors (which have different prices). For the sake this comparison, I took the lowest price regardless of fig flavor.

  • Price Comparison Date: June 6, 2016
  • Costco Location: South San Francisco
  • Count = 1 package (contains two 1 ounce pieces)
Retailer Prices for Nature's Bakery Fig Bars Price / Unit Other Notes
Amazon $5.55 for 12 count $0.4625  
$16.65 for 36 count Includes $0.00 discount for ordering 3 $0.4625  
Costco $10.99 for 36 count $0.3053 Includes 3 flavors
Jet $4.13 for 6 count Includes $0.07 discount for ordering 1 $0.6883  
$7.91 for 12 count Includes $0.49 discount for ordering 2 $0.6592  
$23.03 for 36 count Includes $2,17 discount for ordering 6 $0.6397  

Costco the Winner Clear Winner

So based on this quick search, it looks like Costco has the lowest price for this item. Despite being the first comparison I've documented, I'm surprised Costco had the lowest price. My assumption has always been that items with a long shelf-life are best suited for the online marketplace. Items on Costco shelves need to be constantly sold to free up more shelf space. In this case, Costco is the clear winner on price. Amazon's prices weren't far behind and Jet had the highest prices. I'll be adding Nature's Bakery Fig Bars to this week's Costco shopping list.

The result of price comparisons on popular consumer products between Amazon, Costco, and Jet. Prices can vary depending on zip code, time of year, and coupons. However, these posts still offer the baseline on a known low price.
  1. Nature's Bakery Fig Bar: Amazon vs Costco vs Jet
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