My Opinion of Mobile Strike After 1 Week

Mobile Strike android game feature Arnold Schwarzenegger
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One games I've been looking forward to find the time to try out is Mobile Strike for Android. I became aware of the Android game every since viewing so many integrated mobile advertising video ads. But more impressive is that Mobile Strike managed to feature Arnold Schwarzenegger in all their ads. Additionally, their advertising scenes look amazing, especially for mobile gaming. Before trying the game, it was clear Mobile Strike must be a heavily funded game.

Disclosure: I have given the game about a week of gameplay, following the instructions and trying as many features as I can. These are my thoughts.

Mobile Strike Requires a Large Download

The game download is huge! I didn't track the download, but after the first day notice over 400MB of data attributed to Mobile Strike. Thankfully, this isn't an issue because I'm on one of Sprint's Unlimited data plans. For those without unlimited data plans, I'd highly recommend downloading the game with Wifi.

Mobile Strike is High Performance

Even on my Hwawei Nexus 6P Android running Nougat, the game takes a few moments to load and the Mobile Strike UI is a bit sluggish at time. Though I don't consider the issue extreme, it does become irrating, especially considering how often Mobile Strike send a notification for action. And because it is high performance, there is a noticeable degradation in battery life, even overnight when there's little gameplay.

Mobile Strike is All About Following the Rules

Like many other complicated games, having a tutorial helps with the learning curve. In fact, games missing an extensive tutorial become overly-frustrating. However, Mobile Strike takes the concept of a tutorial too far! It's been a week and the game itself keeps telling me what to do. For the whole week, I haven't had to make a single decision in which building to start constructing, which building to upgrade, or which units to build to reach certain achievements. There is nothing creative about playing Mobile Strike.

Mobile Strike is Ad-Focused

Similar to many free games, app developers require in-game purchases or ads. I haven't seen many ads, but what I do see is a heavy push for in-game purchases. Nearly every action, there is a push for in-game purchases, none that I plan on making. Part of the Mobile Strike strategy is to keep you playing the game. This results in constant notifications, some of which the sounds cannot be disabled (unless its a bug).

Mobile Strike is Not Like the Ads

For awhile, I thought I was attacking incorrectly. I was patiently waiting for gameplay that slightly resembles their advertisements. After a week of disappointment, I've given up on any hope of actual gameplay matching their ads. The attack phase involves sending troops, but the actual attack is calculated without any action. The results are displayed as units lost and loot gained.

All in all, the Mobile Strike has been a huge disappointment. Between not being as advertised in the slightest bit and the constant notification nags, I actual look forward to uninstalling this game and regaining some of my battery life to try a game where I can be more creative.

I don't blame the game developers, as hiring such a well known celebrity like Arnold Schwarzenegger could not have been cheap. The developers are likely stressed in making back the money they put into development. In my opinion, this overly uneven balance has now resulted in a game that isn't friendly towards its audience.

Have you tried Mobile Strike? Do you like it?

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