Moto X Random Reboots (5+ Months)

Saw this Moto X boot screen 5-10 times a day because my Moto X reboots for no reason.

I've owned my Moto X for nearly a 5+ months on the Sprint Network in the SF Bay Area. And I've loved using it. In fact, my Moto X gets used for almost everything. When I'm on public transportation, I'm using my Moto X to pass the tie (either a game or pre-downloaded podcast). When I'm biking or hiking, I'm using my Moto X to tracking my performance. When I'm driving somewhere new, I'm using my Moto X for directions. When I'm hosting a party, my Moto X is streaming music on wifi. When I'm on vacation, my Moto X holds my days activities and schedules.

So I was surprised when on my trip to Washington DC, my Moto X randomly reboot. Most of the time, the reboot would happen when I pressed the power button to lock the screen. Less often, it would reboot when I was launching a new app or website. Unfortunately, the rebooting started at a very inopportune time and quickly became very annoying! I'd be halfway through finding instructions from one attraction to another when a reboot would happen.

I tried many solutions to prevent Moto X from Rebooting. Organized from the least time consuming solutions to the most time consuming solution:

  1. Clear Application Cache
    This involves going to each application and turning deleting the cache. Go to [Settings > Apps] and for each application under [All], click [Clear Cache]. Though this may delete application specific data and logins, it may have wiped out an offending app with corrupt data. This however did not resolve my issue.
  2. Clear Android Cache Partition
    The next solution is to clear Android's Cache Partition. This would not delete your data, but clear a cache of data. This one requires a reboot of the phone and to enter safe mode. It is a bit more complicated, but the instructions can be found at Moto X website. If the link gets out of date, try Googling 'moto x clear android cache'. Unfortunately, this did not resolve my issue.
  3. Factory Reset Your Moto X
    Since this will wipe all your data, make sure to back up all your data (photos, contacts, apps). You will have to re-install everything. To do this, go to [Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset]. I did not attempt this until after my vacation ended, but the factory reset also did not resolve my issue.

Luckily, I saw you can try to contact Motorola with Moto X issues. I contacted Moto X and explained my issue to them via chat. After just one chat session of less than a 30 minutes, I had a order in the system for them to send me a new Moto X (redesigned again) and free way to return my malfunctioned phone to Motorola. Even though the reasons they gave me for why my phone felt completely bogus (overcharging my phone), I was glad that their support line could handle my replacement phone in a very timely manner. I was impressed with Motorola's Customer Service!

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Oct 10, 2015 6:31 AM
I'm on my 3rd Moto X 2014 in 4 months. Original was replaced after it went completely dead after a month of working with no issues. The 2nd one was returned after the random rebooting became intolerable the. I tried all the trouble shooting tips but none worked. After 3 weeks of flawless operation my 3rd X rebooted after an OK Moto X command and also recompiled all of my apps similar to what happens after an FDR. I did not lose any data, but based on prior experience I am worried that this device will also fail. When working, the 2014 X is a fabulous device. Hopefully, the reboot big will no persist. Maybe Marshmallow will be more successful than Lollipop.
Aug 14, 2014 5:49 AM
I have this phone, and the first day after I activated it, it started randomly rebooting. I had not added any apps to the phone yet; the only ones on it were the ones that came with it. I saw on various websites that putting the phone into safe mode and charging it all night could fix the problem, so I did that. The next morning the phone was working fine, so I downloaded a couple games and took it out of safe mode. It worked fine all day. The next day I downloaded a notebook app, and a drawing app. My phone started acting up again, so I put it back into safe mode since it worked the first time. When I checked on it later, it was no longer in safe mode! Now when I leave it alone (locked, which takes several tries) it reboots, taking itself out of safe mode. Sometimes it has to start the rebooting process as much as 8 times before it succeeds in rebooting all the way
Jun 12, 2014 8:02 AM
hey there. i also own a Moto X and dealing with EXACT same problems. even the fact that it usually reboots when i press the lock-screen button! i've already tried all these solutions given here but to no use, it's still rebooting itself. i requested a new phone but aren't giving me one. don't know what to do :(

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