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Endomondo is one of many fitness related apps available on Android Play Store. Like most others android apps, Endomondo is a free app download, but also has upgrades that activate premium features (like HR monitor, weather overlay, etc...). The app requires GPS to track location, which does end up consuming more battery power. Since I did not upgrade to the premium features, this review of Endomondo is based soley upon free features.

I've used Endomondo mainly for two reasons. To track my time and routes when I run and when I cycle. Note that there is a huge list of other sports that can be tracked such as basketball and boxing (though I can't imagine having the phone on your body in those sports). I don't run or cycle competitvely, but I like to track my exercise progress. I want to know if I am running/cycling faster than compared to last month? I run the app on my Motorola Photon 4G on Sprint in the SF Bay Area.

What I Like About Endomondo

  1. Simple UI - Since I use this application while commuting to work (cycling), it is important I don't spend too long tinkering with the application to get it running.
  2. Tracked Historic Data - It tracks all the metrics I am interested in comparing. The route is overlayed with the the speed and time.
  3. Progress Report - While in a workout, it will give a status update at each mile that includes the total time and the last mile time.
  4. Challenges - I've recently discovered the challenges. These are challenge that members have setup that you can compete again. This is a nice feature because it gives me something to rank myself against. The only problem is the whole challenge is based off of the honor code. It's easy to cheat. Find Endomondo sponsored Challenges.

Ever since I've discovered Challenges, I find myself more interested in using the app to track my progress. Before I discovered this, I used the app to get a ball-park idea of how fast I was going (this is when I first started cycling to work). Though there are various camps on how accurate the MPH rating is, I believe it's close enough for an average.

There are also many other free features that I have not used. These include looking for routes to follow from other Endomondo users, setting goals, and actually competing against friends.

The app is available on all major mobile phones. Check their website at http://www.endomondo.com for more details.

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