Martha Stewart Pets vs Toys "R" Us Dog Toys

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This review is on several dog toys that I purchased from PetSmart these past few months.  When we brought our puppy home back in January, one of the things we loved doing was buying toys.  It was so convenient to pick up a toy each week after puppy training classes. And so over time, we had quite a collection of Martha Stewart Pets toys and Toys "R" Us toys.

I really liked the Martha Stewart Pets dog toys because they were so cute and soft. I really liked the variety of toys. Most came with the squeaky device, which is great because my pup absolutely loves it. They also have toys with no stuffing and some with the recycled plastic that makes the crinkle noise. These are all great for keeping my puppy entertained throughout the day.

The Toys "R" Us dog toys are equally as great for play. They have the same variety of toys but aren't as cute as the Martha Stewart toys. However, what I've noticed over time is that my puppy has torn up the Martha Stewart toys. The squeaky device came out of one toy. My puppy torn a hole in another toy with stuffing, and I had to pull out the rest of the stuffing so he wouldn't eat it. (I wanted to keep it because it was a rather large toy and only part of the toy was stuffed.)  In another Martha Stewart toy, he tore a hole in a stuffing-less toy but contained a layer of plastic. I ended up pulling out the plastic because he can still play with it. 

The Toys "R" Us toys, on the other hand, have been more durable and haven't suffered the same fate as the Marth Stewart toys. Surprisingly, the Toys "R" Us toys have all remained intact. In fact, the stuffing in these toys have not come out and I haven’t found a single hole despite the aggressive play that happens quite frequently. We play tug-of-war with the puppy sometimes, which results in him picking up the toy and erratically shaking it. He also loves to lay down and gnaw on it for 15-20 minutes. The great thing about the Toys “R” Us ones is that I can throw these in the washer/dryer. The Martha Stewart ones cannot be cleaned with a washer/dryer.

Overall, the next time I'm at PetSmart, I'll probably pick up another Toys "R" Us toy for my puppy. These toys are only a few dollars, but for its worth, the Toys "R" Us ones last longer and I can machine wash them to trick my puppy into thinking it’s a new toy. The Martha Stewart ones are a bit pricier and not really worth the cost because they aren’t as good quality. Sometimes these toys go on sale but I’d rather purchase a toy that can sustain all the chewing, gnawing, and tugging.

I haven’t tried other brands only because I usually buy the toys that are on sale, which are usually the Toys “R” Us or Martha Stewart toys. Next time, I’ll check for something different.

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