Make Money with an Idle Computer (sell your bandwidth)

Make money off your excess bandwidth
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If you have a spare computer running and connected to the internet, you can put that computer to use to earn money on the side, with zero effort. This program utilizes very minimal CPU cycles, but instead uses your internet access. Don't expect to become a millionaire overnight, but more on the range of $0.30 to $0.45 per day, which isn't bad considering I already have this computer running around the clock.

My Experience

I've used HoneyGain for several months and have never noticed any slowdown on my Windows 10 desktop. For perspective, it is an old refurbished desktop that serves as a file share plus a daily task scheduler that runs small custom console applications. I've never noticed any slowdown in download/upload speed or application loading speed.

HoneyGain Cash Out Fees

When I was finally reached the minimum payout of $20. When I cashed out, payout was only via PayPal and comes with fees ($1 + 2%). Upon reviewing the site, it looks like BTC is now an option with no mention of fees.

Update Jan 24, 2022 - On my second attempt to cash out, the PayPal fee is now 15% and the BTC fee is 7%! Honeygain is attempting to push users towards a JumpWallet which has it's own JumpToken ($JMPT) for 0% fees.

How it Works?

  1. Sign up with HoneyGain (my referral link) to gain access.
  2. Download and install the HoneyGain application (also available on Android/iOS, but more on that later).
  3. That's it. It runs in the background and does it's thing automatically.
  4. Check real time earnings on the website and cash out when you hit $10.

How to Earn?

There are three ways to earn, although the Network Sharing route is the default and required. I try to keep up with all three whenever I'm logged into the machine.

  • Earn with Network Sharing - This is the default and require earning mode that uses your bandwidth for SEO and market analysis. All this happens behind the scenes. Credit is based on how much bandwidth is shared.
  • Earn with Content Delivery - This is optional (enabled/disable in the toolbar icon) and is bandwidth intensive like video and audio streaming. Credit is based on how long content deliver is enabled.
  • Earn with Daily Contest - Log into their website daily (easy from the toolbar icon) and click the free daily contest button. I generally win 10 credits, but I've seen as high as 100 credits.


  • Data Usage: Once HoneyGain is up and running, it may eventually start using a lot of data. If you have a service provider that caps your usage, you may want to keep an eye on your monthly usage via your internet provider. One option would be to disable Content Delivery when you start getting close to your limit.
  • Android App: They have an Android App, though you'll need to side load it which was a turn-off for me. My Android is also fairly old with a worn down battery, so I try to keep unnecessary apps to a minimum.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I'll do my best to reply. And my referral sign-up link is

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