"Last Day On Earth: Survival" - A Zombie Survival Android Game

Zombie Survival game on Android screenshot.
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I spent a couple of weeks playing "Last Day On Earth: Survival". It's an Android game that requires a lot of active playing. You control a character, directing him where to go and dictating his actions. Though there are other players in the "world", I'm not convinced they are real players. I therefore think there isn't much of a true multiplayer component to the game. However, you do need an internet connection to play the game. It got award Google Most Innovative Game of 2017, but oddly the game is still in Beta v.1.14.1 (as of September 2019).

My first impression was very positive and well polished game. It reminds me of the games The Sim, but set in a zombie apocalypse environment. Instead of building a home and fill it with amenities, your first aim is to fortify your shack and build amenities to assist with the everyday survivals of life. Building requires collecting raw materials such as wood and rocks combined to create bigger more efficient tools and outdoor clothing. After a few days, I felt like Last Day on Earth would be a hit game.

After a couple of weeks of playing, the game got very repetitive. I find that I spend most of the time collecting wood and rocks. Those raw materials are the base materials for many of the tools. But wait, tools break and clothing eventually wear out. However, critical items to advance require collecting a wide range of special items randomly found throughout the world. The key is that the advance, it requires you spend a lot of time. And part of that is what makes "Last Day On Earth: Survival" so repetitive. And that makes the game old.

Another pain point is that if you're killed by zombies or another character, or die of hunger from not logging into the game, your character gets reset back to base with everything gone. No backpack or clothes. You literally start from scratch, unless you have items already stored in your home. So one small mistake or misunderstanding can cause a lot of replaying to collect items or construct a backpack. If lucky, you can find your dead corpse and pick up items left behind.

Finally, every so often, your base gets invaded. There's even a countdown on when it's going to happen. If you're not there, you come back to a destroyed home. If you're playing the game the second the countdown hits zero, you have the chance of protect your home. But it may result in you getting killed and your base ransacked. If your home is destroyed, be prepared to spend several days collecting rocks and wood to rebuild the walls of your house. So this countdown to the invasion can cause both repetition and a demand to be online playing the game. 

Another annoyance starts as you progress through the game. You have more options on items to make, but each of these items require different items. And so not only do you end up starting a large collection of items, it becomes difficult to keep track of what items you have and what you still need. I end up spending a lot of brainpower trying to keep the items straight. The complexity of the game increases and gets out of hand, and less fun.

At the end of two weeks, I got bored of the repetition and slowly stopped playing. It just took too much of my time no a daily basis to keep afloat in the game. I wish it could be paused and played as I want to without having to come back to a destroyed base. And each day, it's difficult to not want to play at least one hour, which is fairly demanding. That being said, I "Last Day On Earth: Survival" is a well developed game that I wish could be more casually played, especially since there isn't a strong multiplayer component to it.

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