How to Dampen Vitamix Blender Noise and Vibration

Quiet down that vitamix with earmuffs.
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The Vitamix is one awesome blender. It can blend almost anything and comes in handy in the kitchen for cooks of varying skill. During hot summer days, we like to throw together a homemade smoothie using a combination of frozen and fresh fruit. During the winter, the Vitamix is the perfect tool for creating a warm cup of vegetable soup. And as usual, clean-up is a breeze. See my original Vitamix review for more details.

A though the Vitamix blender is much more powerful than the average blender you might find at Macy's or Amazon, it comes with a disadvantage. The Vitamix is Noisy! And there depending on your surface and cause lots of vibration. And unfortunately, there isn't much consumers can do to dampen the noise. The problem is "amplified" if you live in a townhome or condo with neighbors in close proximity. A quick search for how people have attempted to solve the problem are crafty:

  1. Blend during the Day (free) - Prepare your morning drinks right after work to avoid waking up your neighbors.
  2. Location makes a Difference (free) - Putting the Vitamix on a towel and away from walls is a cheap way to dampen the noise.
  3. Blend in the Cabinet (free) - Do all your blending in a cabinet. This will dampen, but isn't the most convenient.
  4. Purchase a WhisperBlend ($199.00) - Basically a case for your Vitamix. This may be overkill if you don't use it all the time and is likely targeted to business similar to Jamba Juice.
  5. Earplugs (<$1.00 / pair) - Another cheap way to protect your ears. Though they're cheap. you'll likely need to replace them which may add up over time.
  6. Earmuffs (~$20) - I'm not talking about the kind that keep your ears warm. But the ones people take to the gun range. It's only slightly more expensive, but will last the lifetime of your blender. 

If you use your Vitamix a lot, then it is a must to consider purchasing something to protect your ears. For awhile, I would set the blender and walk to another room and shut the door. After time, that became annoying and so I ended up purchasing Earmuffs from Howard Leight. If these earmuffs are good enough to take to the gun range, it should be good enough to protect my ears. As much as I enjoy the goodies I can make with my Vitamix, it's not worth losing my hearing over.

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