How to Cancel Pandora Plus from T-Mobile Tuesday?

Pandora Plus subscription via T-Mobile Tuesday!
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Many months ago, T-Mobile Tuesday offered a free subscription to Pandora Plus. Given it's a one day deal, I figured it would be worth upgrading my free Pandora account to Pandora Plus. If I could find the right music, I could then listen ad-free. To avoid forgetting, I would then set a full week "appointment" in Google Calendar to ensure I would not forget to cancel Pandora Plus.

For the first couple of months, I stopped using Spotify Free an started using Pandora Plus. Since it was awhile since trying Pandora Free, I was not familiar with the pre-built Pandora playlists. After several tries at testing out different Pandora playlists, I found a couple that were perfect for either driving or working at a desktop PC. Even though the playlists are all pre-built, there isn't a way to preview the songs part of the playlists. This makes searching for playlists not only difficult, but even more challenging to determine when new songs are added.

Fast forward another few months, now of actively using on Pandora Plus, those couple of playlists I had found got very old. Not only did I not feel like randomly listening to playlists until I found what I like, I ended up switching back to Spotify Free as my daily music streaming app. In Spotify Free, I can build my own playlist and add songs as I discover them.

Another few forward (which is the current time), and I realize I have not using Pandora Plus at all. I also have not cancelled my Pandora Plus subscription nor is the end up the subscription up. Now is when I realize how irritating Pandora has made the process to cancel/change the subscription.

  • From the Android Pandora app, it tells me to to change subscription from the website on a computer (I don't see why it wouldn't work from Android Google Chrome with "Display Desktop Site" from the three vertical ellipses).
  • From the desktop version of the subscription page looks messed up with text like: "Your {planName} subscription will be automatically renewed on {date}. You will be charged {price} + tax/{timeUnit} unless you cancel your subscription.". Websites claim there's a "Change Subscription" link, but that didn't work.
  • Per the official How to cancel your subscription link, there are least six different ways to cancel, depending on how the subscription is billed (iTunes, Google Play, Pandora, Amazon Appstore, Roku, or carrier). The closest one's from T-Mobile subscription are either Pandora or carrier billed, though I was ever really billed.
  • A quick search for a contact form turned up empty, so I couldn't even locate a method to contact Pandora support. That's just a bad sign for customer service questions.
  • Because I recently changed my credit card (due to fraudulent¬†purchases on my credit card), technically the credit card Pandora has on file isn't active anymore, so I could just let it lapse, but I run the risk of Pandora coming after me for past due bills.
  • Lastly, I could just completely close the Pandora Account. After three months of solid usage, I ended up switching back to Spotify Free despite having plenty of time left in the Pandora Plus subscription.

Eventually, I found that if I go to the subscription page, go to my Payments box and "Update" my payment method. There's also an option to "Delete this card". Clicking that link brings up a dialog that says "By deleting your credit card, your subscription will be canceled". That's perfect! Except when following through with it, the site didn't work. I tried closing and re-opening the Pandora tab, but it still didn't register and showed I was still subscribed to Pandora Plus.

I ended up deleting my Pandora account. That prompt asked for an email, and then said "One of our listener advocates will send you an email at with instructions for how to cancel your Pandora One subscription and delete your account". I get an email saying my account cannot be closed until I cancel my active subscriptions, and then it links back to the Pandora FAQ page. Luckily, you can respond to the email to contact Pandora customer service. They confirmed with me that despite the lack of information on Pandora's account page, it turns out that the T-Mobile Tuesday Pandora Plus subscription I have will expire on it's own, and not auto re-subscribe and charge my credit card.

You'll want to check the status of your T-Mobile Tuesday Pandora Plus subscription as well!

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