Honda Accord 2018: List of Likes and Dislikes

A 2018 Honda Accord 2.0 with Touring Trim.
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Now that I've purchased and driven for a month, I have a list of the features I like and dislike about Honda Accord 2018 2.0 Touring. I previous drove a Toyota Camry Hybrid 2006 and we also own a Toyota RAV4 2015. This is a review based very much from the drivers perspective.

Acceleration Performance:

Like: Has very good acceleration. Much more power compared to my Toyota Camry Hybrid 2006. Certainly more than enough power for a family sedan, but nothing I would take to the races.

Dislike: Not sure if it's because I'm coming from a CVT engine, but I can feel a sort of "hesitation" when I'm assuming the car is changing gears or the turbo is kicking in. I certainly didn't feel this in my Toyota Camry Hybrid or Toyota RAV4.

The Infotainment System

Like: I love the size of the screen and the fact that it is touchscreen. The position of the screen is high up, which makes it easy to view the content while driving. The Accords infotainment center is much more responsive compared to the RAV4's Entune system. I also love the fact that it has Android Auto and CarPlay. There are just enough pyhysical buttons to make navigation snappy (especially volume and tuner buttons).

Dislike: Since it is positioned fairly high up on the center stack, it is more prone to direct sunlight making fingerprint much more noticeable. Also, since it is higher up, it is a bit farther out of reach and I find myself bending forward to reach the controls.

The Heads Up Display (HUD)

Like: Presents information right where I need it on the screen. Probably the most useful information is navigation directions, by providing the next step. HUD navigation will also show information from navigation initiated from Android Auto! Second more useful information is the current speed and traffic sign detection (a bit more on traffic sign detection below). Though I find it a bit annoying, it does blink an orange color if the Accord think you need to brake.

Dislike: Very much dimmed when I wear sunglasses. I have to focus on the HUD area to see the information.

Refueling at the Pump

Like: Though this might not affect everyone, but a few simple features added that make this process a bit easier. For one, this car features a capless system. So with the Accord unlocked, simply press on the gas door to open, then start pumping. The traditional gas cap is built into the door. For people who like to reset either Trip A or Trip B after refueling, the system can configured to automatically reset

Dislike: None

Center Stack Controls

Like: Simple to access buttons and knobs to quickly find controls like recirculate air, dual zone temperature controls, front/rear defrosters, and heated/ventilated seats. A clean setup.

Dislike: Most of the buttons that have an on/off position (such as recirculate air, front defrosters, and rear defrosters), there is a LED built into the button to indicate the on/off status. For some reason, the A/C button doesn't have a light. Instead, the on/off status is displayed on a LED bar above, which can be difficult to quickly locate while driving.

Proximity Sensors

Like: Like having the feature, as it really does make me more cautious. There a simple button on the driver side to disable/enable the feature.

Dislike: They can be overly sensitive. Too often I'm sitting at a light and one of the sensors starts blaring and blinking like crazy.

Sound System

I'm not a huge audiophile, but I do wish this car had a bit more bass.

Like: It gets plenty lound and the Accord can automatically increase the volume as I drive faster.

Dislike: I feel like the sound in my 2006 Toyota Camry was better.


Like: I love that the sunvisor can be extended to reach the often missed section right near Pillar B on both the driver and passenger side.

Dislike: None

Interior Lighting

Like: Standard, but could be improved.

Dislike: These lights feel VERY out-dated. I very much wish that all the interior lights (like the ones built-in to the sunvisor and door open/closed lights could be a flashy LED light.

Smart Key

Like: Heavy-weight key, but comfortable feeling in a simple rounded-corner rectangular shape. The keys are also designated "Driver 1" and "Driver 2", which can automatically adjust the driver chair position along most of the infotainment customizations.

Dislike: None

Front Cupholders

Like: The cupholders are very large

Dislike: Since it is wide, it's not very adjustable to hold smaller items. An example is some Starbuck's cups are more narrow at the bottom than the top, so I don't feel confident that Grande (large) cups of coffee won't spill if I were to take a quick turn or slam on the brakes.

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