HAWK: Freedom Squadron Full Review

An awesome space shooter game, available on Android.
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HAWK: Freedom Squadron is setup like your average flying and space shooter. You have a primary ships flanked by two smaller ships (known as Brobots) on each side. As you progress through the game, each of the three planes can be upgraded with equipment for better stats or completely swapped out for other planes with different special abilities. Some ships have lasers while other ships have jumping electric bolts. If one of the levels is too difficult, you can call on your friends or the public, for help beating that particular stage. Other than that, you just drag your finger around the screen (forward, back, left, right) to control the primary ship. Here's a video with HAWK gameplay:

What I like about HAWK: Freedom Squadron

  • Very easy to learn.
  • Quite fun and entertaining
  • Nice being able to upgrade more than just the primary ship.
  • The game is constantly improved... and balanced when new major version of the game is released.

What I dislike about HAWK: Freedom Squadron

  • Game takes a long time load. I have my screen set at the shortest duration to shut off (to preserve batteries when not gaming), and it always shuts down before the game fully loads.
  • When the levels get too hard, I find it's easy to just call in help from the general public. However, the game is not balanced and the level becomes WAY too easy making it no fun.
  • Equipment upgrades happen, but its mostly automatic and luck of the draw. Not much of a decision to be made. Unlike other games when you get stat points and you choose what features to upgrade.
  • Requires an internet connection to play. There's no way to play single player mode without internet.

Common Questions

  • What's the best ship in HAWK: Freedom Squadron?
    In my opinion, the best ship is Laserbite. It's got an awesome laser beam that comes very handy in taking out large enemy ships.
  • How do I get the best ship?
    The only way to get the ship is by playing the game. A good way to further progress without cheating is to make purchases with in-game currency at the BRO-Shop or Contraband shop.

Final Thoughts

I played this game daily for almost 2 weeks straight. Unfortunately, the main thing that I hated was the slow loading of the game, even on my Nexus 6P. Even if I were to discontinue playing for awhile, the game would reload. If I lost my internet connection (T-Mobile isn't the greatest the SF Bay Area), then the game would restart. Give HAWK: Freedom Squadron a try.

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