Free Lyrics in Spotify with Musixmatch

MusixMatch has an app that runs on Android in parallel with Spotify.
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If you're like me, one of the biggest features to Spotify is the free music (ad supported) followed by the easy to view lyrics (that once were). With a spare PC hooked directly up to my living room entertainment system, I could both play music and simultaneously display lyrics plus basic band imagery on the TV. Even better, the lyrics would scroll through like a karaoke machine (gone are the days of reading a page of lyrics). But those good days have been behind us for years ever since the end of the Spotify and MusixMatch partnership.

But when the Spotify and MusixMatch partnership ended, I didn't realize MusixMatch had released an Android app that could display the lyrics in a pop up while the music played. Even though I partially blame myself for not actively looking for a solution, I do blame MusixMatch for not effectively promoting their service to Spotify users.

I personally use an Android Nexus 6P, so can only offer how the MusixMatch app interacts with Spotify on the Android platform. I can only assume there's a similar solution in the iOS world.

What does the MusixMatch Android App offer?

  1. The service is offered for free, but is ad supported in the form of visual ads that must be closed to continue viewing lyrics. Thankfully, their ads are audio or video. Ads can be removed by going premium for $0.99 month.
  2. Lyrics pop up in a modal on any screen. They call this modal FloatingLyrics. It draws over an app, including Spotify's own app. The pop up can be displayed or hidden with a tap on the notification drawer.
  3. More control over how much of the lyrics are displayed if you view the lyrics directly in the MusixMatch app.
  4. Less intuitive than the Spotify/MusixMatch partnership because MusixMatch is now forced to figure out what song is playing, but fair well implemented given the situation. However, there are often glitches where I switch songs or stop songs and the lyrics didn't update.

My Opinion of MusixMatch?

  • Very fun to use the first time I installed it, but the novelty wears off.
  • Problem is the MusixMatch service runs at all times. Even when I'm listening to music over Bluetooth while driving to work, I get notifications with the lyrics. This means battery drain.
  • It's good to know that MusixMatch exists, but I'm likely to delete it and install it in the off chance that I need it.
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