Everest (2015): An Intense True Story Movie

A climbing expedition on Mt. Everest is devastated by a severe snow storm.
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I've naturally always been a fan of man vs nature movies, even when most of them are B rated films such The Day After Tomorrow. There are other decent movies like the The Impossible. That being said, Everest (2015 movie) is about a commercial operation called Adventure Consultants (and Mountain Madness) less than professional mountaineers who want to ascend Mount Everest. In 1996, the group hits a severe storm and 8 people don't survive the journey.

The movie is well put together, the story explaining everything so entirely inexperienced viewers have a fighting chance to understand the plot. And unlike other man vs nature movies, this one is a sad one. Throughout the film, I found my palms sweatier than normal. And though Hollywood may have exaggerated parts of the true story, it provides us some insight into the intense challenges of Mount Everest and the importance of family in keeping up motivation in times of need. The combination of large crowds and a big storm created an impossible mission for the climbers.

Despite a well put together movie, I still had unanswered questions. Since being released on HBO GO, I just recently rewatched the movie and simultaneously looked into some of the questions:

  1. Why were the oxygen tanks empty? Did one of the other expedition companies use it?
    Turns out the guy checking the tanks was disoriented and thought they were empty when they were in fact full. I didn't catch this from the movie.
  2. The movie portrays them wearing very little to protect their faces, even at higher altitude. How cold is it up there?
    The weather can be very different, from -4°F to -33°F, during the 2 week window of ascent. Other times can get as cold as -76°F with winds reaching 100 MPH.
  3. Why weren't the fixed lines set?
    One of the Sherpa were assisting journalists (good promotion) instead of setting the lines.

Watch the Everest trailer below and check your favorite streaming companies to see if the movie is available! Find more at IMDB Everest and Everest Movie vs. True Story.

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