7 "Oblivion" Movie Questions (Spoilers)

Oblivion, the movie, starring Tom Cruise.
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Oblivion, a movie starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman, takes place on a post-apocalyptic earth after being invaded by robot aliens. Through nuclear war, the humans won the war and the aliens destroyed. Unfortunately, earth was destroyed and deemed uninhabitable. The humans moved to one of Juniper's moons and have machines in place to harvest sea water for hydrogen power. As it turns out, the humans were mostly destroyed by the aliens, and clones of Jack (Tom Cruise) were created to destroy the remaining humans.

After watching the full movie, my first thought was this was a combination of two movies: "I, Robot" and "Independence Day". I loved both movies and as a result, I enjoyed Oblivion for its action scenes (library scene and jet chases) and plot twists.

  1. Why couldn't the Aliens bring more tech in to wipe out the remaining humans?
    With all the technology of space travel, destroying the moon, drones, and converting seawater to hydrogen power... how could they not track down the remaining humans and destroy them? What was the true purpose of Jack and Victoria's role?
  2. Why did the resistance (remaining humans) dress up like aliens?
    Especially in the library scene, the scavs (which we were led to believe were aliens) moved and dressed like aliens. If Jack were human and discovered other living humans, his first instinct wouldn't be to kill. This was proof when Jack found Julia. My feeling is if the humans had revealed themselves as humans, they would have saved themselves a lot trouble.
  3. How did the Aliens know how to bring the Pod back and who set it up?
    In the entire film, we never see an alien. We only see their mother ship, and even then, only drones flying around inside the "Independence Day" like spaceship. So who setup the transmitter? And how did they know the right code to bring the pod down to earth?
  4. What happened to Jack 52 (the one he tied up in the desert)?
    Jack 52 knocked out by Jack 49 and tied up in the dessert. After Jack 49 visits Jack 52's house, he comes back and Jack 52 has disappeared. What happened to him? Did he report back to the TET, the mother ship?
  5. Why was Jack 49 allowed to return to the mother ship?
    Even after Victoria 49 said she was "not an effective team", why did the mother ship allow Jack 49 to return? Granted he had precious cargo, it seems like a huge risk.
  6. If Jack and Victoria worked as a team, and Victoria never went to the surface, why was the jet a 2-seater?
    It seems odd that even though Victoria is adamant about not going to the surface, the jet is still a 2-seater. There is no good explanation for this.
  7. How were the human survivors getting food?
    Given the only place the aliens didn't go was the radiation zone and the humans were living underground with limited technology compared to the aliens, how did they grow food to survive?
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