Euphnet - an Cyber Cafe in Sunnyvale

Euphnet is an internet cafe in Sunnyvale.
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Left For Dead 2, Titanfall, Counter-Strike, and Battlefield 4 are just a small set of the available games at Euphnet in Sunnyvale. In this modern day, there are only a few quality internet cafes left in the area. I discovered this place when I used to live in Sunnyvale. Friends from as far as San Francisco would make the drive to Sunnyvale for a few hours of endless gaming. At an hourly rate of $3.50 an hour, it is convenient alternative to getting friends together without the pain of buying and installing the same set of games. Note that none of the computers have speakers, but have the cables for headsets (plus they rent headsets for 25-50 cents). For casual gamers, Euphnet is the place to go! For hardcore gamers, Euphnet is the place to go. They have various different pricing tiers from hour rates to month passes to suit your needs.

It's a given that no business is perfect, and Euphnet is no different. There are parts of their business that can be improved, but many of my complaints stem from the inabiity to maintain the facility due to low prices. The first thing I noticed is the old furniture. The swivel chairs are old. The arm rest for chairs are often times taped up with duct tape. The uni-sex bathroom is utterly disgusting with mystery liquids on the ground and no paper towels to dry your hands. But to be honest, I'm not visiting an internet cafe for the restroom.

Now, if you can overlook issues with cleanliness and and old furniture, the computers are fairly powerful and all loaded with the most popular games. The internet is stable and fast. I would go through the entire spec list here, but computer technology and games are always changing. Therefore, I suggest checking Euphnet's equipment page for their latest updates. The place is run by one person up front who collects fees, setup new accounts, and aids with computer questions.

When I go with friends, we prefer to take consecutive computers in the same room. Even though the main gaming room has the most powerful computers, we settle for the less powerful computers in small rooms so we have the freedom to yell at each other while playing our first person shooter games. We sometimes have issues loading up games, but it always ends up working. After our first few visits, I also prefer bringing in my own headset, whether they be fancy headsets or simple earbuds. Everytime we've arrived, the main room computers were mainly taken. But there we were lucky and rooms were always available. However, by the time we leave between 11pm to midnight, the place is packed with gamers. I sometimes call ahead to confirm availability before making the long drive.

Ever since I moved north to San Mateo County, my friends and I still make the drive once every month for a long night of gaming, after sharing a meal together. However, if anyone knows of an internet cafe closer to San Francisco, let me know in the comments! But until we find a closer internet cafe in the SF Bay Area, I will continue visiting Euphnet in Sunnyvale.

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