AKG K430 Headset Review

The AKG K430 is an on-the-ear headset with in-line volume control, and collapses for easy travel.
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I purchased the AKG K430 headset to replace my old cheap earbuds. I use the headset at my desk at work and when I go on vacation. The earbuds have been downgraded to when I bike to work and workout at the gym. The biggest difference in the AKG headset is the sound quality. Especially compared against earbuds, I can hear a much larger range of sounds, even from music streamed from Spotify. The AKG headset is small and compact and not too expensive looking, so I don't worry about leaving them out in my office (door unlocked and open during the day, but closed and locked during the evening).

The AKG K430 sit on-the-ear, and not over your ears. This is suitable for workplace environment where I need to hear phone calls and people at my door. The problem with on-the-ear headphones are my ears being to feel sore after 2-3 hours of use, due to the clamping force. So unfortunately, it is not the most comfortable headset.

A nice feature is the in-line volume control. Very good for all situations, but especially helpful in the office. Depending on what is happening, I can easily adjust the volume. If a colleague walks in an to talk to my officemate, I can turn up the volume. When the conversation ends, I can tone down the volume. All without having to switch application on my desktop. Note that even though the volume can be controlled, it does not allow the sounds to be completely muted. And the volume slider hasn't broke, but does feel flimsy. The cable is thin, but also short. At work, I end up using an extension.

Best of all, the AKG headset can collapse into a provided travel zip case. When I take vacation from work, I generally take these headsets with me on flights. It easily fits into my backpack, and the sound quality is good enough I can drown out other noises. Since it is made mostly out of plastic, it is lightweight and easy to carry around.

Even though the AKG headset is plastic, I do drop it on my desk daily when I head out of the office, and it has held steady. Granted in most other situations, I'm very careful with my possessions, they take some minor beating. The good news is these headsets are still going strong!

Note that I purchased the AKG K430 in new condition at a great price, ~$30 during a deal online. For the price I got, it was a great value and would recommend. I've been using these headsets daily since August 2011. I am not an audiophile by any means, but I do appreciate above average sound.

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